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MEDLINE / PubMed Search

The PubMed service at the National Library of Medicine offers several search services that access the 9 million citations in MEDLINE and Pre-MEDLINE (with links to participating on-line journals), and other related databases. Genomic, Nucleotide, Protein and Taxonomic database entries can also be found using this search.

Search for


  • Enter one or more search terms.
  • Enter author names as smith jc. Initials are optional.
  • Enter journal titles in full or as MEDLINE abbreviations.
  • You may search the following databases using this form: PubMed, Protein, Nucleotide, Structure, Genome, PopSet, OMIM, Taxonomy.

Journal Database Browser

Enter the journal name, MEDLINE abbreviation or ISSN. You may also enter a single word from the journal title or several adjacent words in the title. Use an asterisk * at the end of a word to truncate. For example, engl* would match england, english, etc.



Citation Matcher for Single Articles

Enter information about the article you wish to find.



Volume: Issue: First page:

Author's last name and initials (e.g., Smith BJ)


  • You may omit any item if you wish
  • Journal titles may be entered in full or as valid MEDLINE abbreviations
  • For Date, you may enter yyyy, yyyy/mm, or yyyy/mm/dd. For example, 1998, 1998/03, or 1998/03/06
  • Author names are automatically truncated to account for varying initials, e.g., smith j will also match on smith ja, smith jb, smith jc jr, etc. Enclose author names in double quotes to retrieve that exact match, e.g., "smith j"

Questions or comments? Write to the NCBI Help Desk.

NOTICE: The PubMed data are for personal use only. Users are responsible for complying with all copyright and licensing restrictions associated with data.

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