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Viral Electron Micrographs & Macromolecular Images

  • Structural Virology - Forms and Functions in Macromolecular Interactions. Viral infections require the virus to enter a new cell, multiply, and then to be released to infect further cells. These processes often involve changes in the structures of the viral proteins, and our goal is to determine their conformations at the various stages of an infection. Our research helps not only to explain how the virus functions, but also to design anti-viral drugs more effectively.

  • - The MicrobeLibrary is searchable portal providing a peer reviewed, web-based collection of resources about the microbial world. The Library builds upon the scientific expertise, intellectual creativity, and private collections of the 42,000 members of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) and other microbial researchers from around the world.   Its contents include Visual images and animations; Curriculum activities for both classroom and laboratory; an Articles section containing the tri-annual educational newsletter and annual Microbiology Education journal, as well as feature articles from ASM News; and educational Reviews and resources.  

  • VIrus Particle ExploreR (VIPER) - This web site is an information source on virus structure, assembly and computaional analysis. The site provides description about various icosahedral virus structures in the Protein Data Bank (PDB), in terms of their three dimensional (3D) structures, quasi-symmetry, surface topology etc.

  • Structural Virology Group in the Department of Biological Sciences at Purdue University consists of six different laboratories that use a combination of cryo-electron microscopy, crystallography, and molecular biology to elucidate the processes of viral entry, replication, and pathogenesis. One of the strengths of this group is the extensive network of collaborative efforts between the laboratories. Therefore, this web page is organized as a series of interlacing reference pages. You may access a list of the viruses currently being studied at Purdue or a list of the laboratories performing the research. You will be able to download high resolution images, coordinates, programs, movies, references, and contact personnel at each step.

  • Through the Microscope: Viruses - An Internet Gallery of Health Science Images from the Wadsworth Center of the New York State Health Department.

  • The School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis has a small collection of Downloadable Viral Graphics Files of top quality.

  • Rapid EM Viral Diagnosis - information and workshops (German).

  • Images of Viruses from the National Center for Biotechnology Information and the ICTV.

  • Animal Virus Collection at Queens University, Belfast, UK

  • The Fermin Lab at Tulane has some great pictures of HIV infected cells.

  • Plant Viruses at Plant Pathology Department, Rothamsted Experimental Station, UK

  • Electon Micrograph Library at the University of Wisconsin

  • More Plant Viruses at the Molecular Virology Laboratory, University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • Electron microsopic images of Human Viruses - Linda Stannard's illustrated tutorial on the morphology of most of the clinically significant viruses. The section on Hepatitis B virus is especially recommended.

  • Life Long Universe include a scanning electron micrograph image of HIV in Quicktime format. From the New York Hall of Science.

  • Viral Images from Fred Murphy. These include Ebola, Marburg and Rabies.

  • Visualizations of Viruses at University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Electron Micrographs of Plant Viruses at Rothamsted Experimental Station

  • The Hogle X-ray Crystallography Lab at Harvard has interest in viral proteins, particularly poliovirus.

  • HIV Protease Inhibitors- Structural Info

  • Digitized images of viruses by electron microscope also at Wisconsin

  • EMBL's Virus Structure Resource in Heidelberg Germany has images of viral structures solved by cryo-electron microscopy and image reconstructions.

  • The Graphics Gallery from Genentech's Access Excellence Biotech Information Site includes some viral images among other images of interest.

  • Micscape - an amateur microscopy journal available online

Don't forget to check the Big Picture Book of Viruses, here at our very own site!

    Our friends in the mycology world also have a great image collection on-line:

  • Mycology Image Library - This is an image collection of microscopic structures used to classify/identify medically important mycotic organisms. The images are useful for instruction in Medical Mycology or for reference by clinical laboratories.

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