The Big Picture Book of Viruses: Carlaviridae

Taxonomy: Description is on taxonomic level of genus (not yet assigned to a family).

Host: Taxon infects plants.

Genome: RNA (20/20). Single stranded (20/20). Linear (11/11); genomic nucleic acid positive sense. Genome monopartite (19/19). Total genome 6480-7759-8535 nucleotides long. Number of nucleotides of largest segment 6480-7759-8535. NCBI Taxon ID: 12163. Base ratio 31 % guanine; 24 % adenine; 23 % cytosine; 22 % uracil. 5' terminus has sometimes a methylated nucleotide cap, or a monophosphate. 3' terminus has a poly (A) tract. Non-genomic nucleic acid not found in the virions (5/5). Encapsidated nucleic acid solely genomic, or both genomic and subgenomic (which are possibly encapsidated in shorter particles). Sub-genomic mRNA not found in infected cells (1/1). 1 virus specified dsRNA species found in infected cells.

Morphology: Virions not enveloped (40/40). Capsids filamentous (49/49); nucleocapsids with obvious regular surface structure; nucleocapsids usually straight (28/44), or usually flexuous (17/44); nucleocapsids with a clear modal length (44/44); nucleocapsids 509-655.7-720 nm long; nucleocapsids 11-13.14-18 nm in diameter. Symmetry helical. Nucleocapsids longitudinally striated (files of subunits separated by about four longitudinal furrows). Axial canal obvious (8/34), or obscure (26/34). Axial canal 2-2.666-3.5 nm in diameter. Basic helix obvious (3/29), or obscure (27/29). Pitch of helix 3.3-3.4-3.5 nm.

(Note: for more information about the taxonomy and structure of this virus, see the ICTV database below.)

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Carlavirus Images:
Genus EM Images Example Virus Name Description of Image
  • Carlavirus
  • N/A
    Carnation latent virus
    carlavirus an example virus image from the ICTV
    carlavirus Colorized-enhanced versions of EM photograph by Geoge Musil, Florida; kept at website of the Institute for Molecular Virology - Wisconsin.

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