The Big Picture Book of Viruses: Cystoviridae

Taxonomy: Synonym(s): phif]6 phage group. Description is on the taxonomic level of family. Taxon contains the following Genus Cystovirus.

Host: Taxon infects bacteria.

Genome: Linear; double stranded; RNA. Genome tripartite. Genome found in one type of particle only. Total genome 13379 nucleotides long. Number of nucleotides of largest segment L 6374. Of second largest M 4057. Of third S 2948. Nucleotide sequence deposited at EMBL/GenBank under the following accession number for L M17461 and S M12921. Guanine + cytosine ratio 55.2 %, or 56.7%, or 55.5 % (for L, M and S, respectively).

Morphology: Virions uniform in shape; spheroidal; enveloped; 86 nm in diameter. Surface projections of envelope distinct; 8 nm long spikes. Nucleocapsids isometric; 58 nm in diameter. Symmetry icosahedral. Shell of virion with a single layer. Core is a dodecahedral polymerase complex of about 43 nm.

(Note: for more information about the taxonomy and structure of this virus, see the ICTV database below.)

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Cystoviridae Images:
Genus EM Images Example Virus Name Description of Image
Pseudomonas syringae phage phi6 Figure shows a 2f surface view of the nucleocapsid of phi6 where the major nucleocapsid protein is coloured white and the proteins of the polymerase complex are shown in orange. By Sarah J Butcher at the Division of Virology an association at Glasgow University.

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