Alphabetical List of Virus Names (Taxa)

This page contains a list of all recognized virus names. Next to each name within this complete list is the virus family to which each virus has been assigned.

Here is a sample listing:

Herpes virus B, Herpesviridae

For this example, "Herpes virus B" is the name of the virus, and "Herpesviridae" is the name of its viral family. When you click on the linked portion -- Herpesviridae -- you will be sent to the appropriate section of the Big Picture Book of Viruses. From there, in addition to viewing pictures of the viruses, you will have easy access to web sites featured by All the Virology on the WWW that contain additional information about the viral family, as well as Virology Courseware and the ICTV Database.

This list of virus species with family names inalphabetical order has been compiled from:

The Classification and Nomenclature of Viruses

"Sixth Report of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses" (1995)

Edt. F.A. Murphy, C.M. Fauquet, M.A. Mayo, A.W. Jarvis, S.A. Ghabrial, M.D. Summers, G.P. Martelli, D.H.L. Bishop Archives of Virology, Springer Verlag, Wien New York

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Alphabetical List of Virus Taxa

63U-11 virus, Bunyaviridae
75V-2374 virus, Bunyaviridae
75V-2621 virus, Bunyaviridae
78V-2441 virus, Bunyaviridae

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Abadina virus, Reoviridae
Abelson murine leukemia virus, Retroviridae
Abras virus, Bunyaviridae
Abraxas grossulariata cypovirus 8, Reoviridae
Abraxas grossulariata NPV, Baculoviridae
Absettarov virus, Flaviviridae
Abu Hammad virus, Bunyaviridae
Abu Mina virus, Bunyaviridae
Abutilon mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Acado virus, Reoviridae
Acalypha yellow mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Acantholyda erythrocephala NPV, Baculoviridae
Acara virus, Bunyaviridae
Acciptrid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Achaea janata NPV, Baculoviridae
Acherontia atropas virus, Tetraviridae
Acheta domestica densovirus, Parvoviridae
Acholeplasma phage Oc1r, Inoviridae
Acholeplasma phage 10tur, Inoviridae
Acholeplasma phage L2, Plasmaviridae
Acholeplasma phage L51, Inoviridae
Acholeplasma phage M1, Plasmaviridae
Acholeplasma phage MV-L1, Inovindae
Acholeplasma phage MVG51, Inoviridae
Acholeplasma phage 01, Plasmaviridae
Acholeplasma phage vl, Plasmaviridae
Acholeplasma phage v2, Plasmaviridae
Acholeplasma phage v4, Plasmaviridae
Acholeplasma phage v5, Plasmaviridae
Acholeplasma phage v7, Plasmaviridae
Achroia grisella NPV, Baculoviridae
Acidalia carticcaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Acleris gloverana NPV, Baculoviridae
Acleris variana NPV, Baculoviridae
Acrobasis zelleri entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Acronicta aceris NPV, Baculoviridae
Actebia fennica NPV, Baculoviridae
Actias selene Cypovirus 4, Reoviridae
Actias selene NPV, Baculoviridae
Actinomycetes phage 108/016, Myoviridae
Actinomycetes phage 119, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage A1-Dat, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage Bir, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage f115-A, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage f150A, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage f31C, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage fC, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage fUW21, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage M1, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage MSP8, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage P-a-1, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage R1, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage R2, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage SK1, Myoviridae
Actinomycetes phage SV2, Siphoviridae
Actinomycetes phage VP5, Siphoviridae
Adelaide River virus, Rhabdoviridae
Adeno-associated virus 1, Parvoviridae
Adeno-associated virus 2, Parvoviridae
Adeno-associated virus 3, Parvoviridae
Adeno-associated virus 4, Parvoviridae
Adeno-associated virus 5, Parvoviridae
Adisura atkinsoni NPV, Baculoviridae
Adoxophyes orana NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedes aegypti densovirus, Parvoviridae
Aedes aegypti entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Aedes aegypti NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedes albopictus densovirus, Parvoviridae
Aedes annandalei NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedes atropalpus NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedes epactius NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedes nigromaculis NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedes pseudoscutellaris densovirus, Parvoviridae
Aedes scutellaris NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedes sollicitans NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedes taeniorhynchus NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedes tormentor NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedes triseriatus NPV, Baculoviridae
Aedia leucomelas NPV, Baculoviridae
Aeromonas phage 29, Myoviridae
Aeromonas phage 37, Myoviridae
Aeromonas phage 43, Myoviridae
Aeromonas phage 44RR2.8t, Myoviridae
Aeromonas phage 51, Myoviridae
Aeromonas phage 59.1, Myoviridae
Aeromonas phage 65, Myoviridae
Aeromonas phage Aeh1, Myoviridae
Aeromonas phage Aeh2, Myoviridae
African cassava mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
African green monkey cytomegalovirus, Herpesviridae
African green monkey HHV-like virus, Herpesviridae
African green monkey polyomavirus, Papovaviridae
African horse sickness viruses 1 to 10, Reoviridae
African swine fever virus, African swine fever-like viruses
AG83-1746 virus, Bunyaviridae
AG83-497 virus, Bunyaviridae
Agaricus bisporus virus 1, Unassigned
Agaricus bisporus virus 4, Partitiviridae
Ageratum yellow vein virus, Gemniniviridae
Aglais urticae cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Aglais urticae cypovirus 6, Reoviridae
Aglais urticae NPV, Baculoviridae
Agraulis vanillae cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Agraulis vanillae densovirus, Parvoviridae
Agraulis vanillae NPV, Baculoviridae
Agraulis vanillae virus, Tetraviridae
Agrobacterium phage PIIBNV6, Myoviridae
Agrobacterium phage PS8, Siphoviridae
Agrobacterium phage PT11, Siphoviridae
Agrobacteriurn phage Y, Siphoviridae
Agrochola helvolva cypovirus 6, Reoviridae
Agrochola lychnidis cypovirus 6, Reoviridae
Agropyron mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Agrotis exclarnationis NPV, Baculoviridae
Agrotis ipsilon NPV, Baculoviridae
Agrotis segeturn cypovirus 9, Reoviridae
Agrotis segeturn NPV, Baculoviridae
Aguacate virus, Bunyaviridae
Ahlum water-borne virus, Tombusviridae
Aino virus, Bunyaviridae
Akabane virus, Bunyaviridae
AKR (endogenous) murine leukemia virus, Retroviridae
Alabama argillacea NPV, Baculoviridae
Alajuela virus, Bunyaviridae
Alcaligenes phage 8764, Siphoviridae
Alcaligenes phage A5/A6, Siphoviridae
Alcaligenes phage A6, Myoviridae
Alcelaphine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Alcelaphine herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Alenquer virus, Bunyaviridae
Aletia oxygala NPV, Baculoviridae
Aleutian disease virus, Parvoviridae
Aleutian mink disease virus, Parvoviridae
Afalfa cryptic virus 1, Partitiviridae
Alfalfa cryptic virus 2, Partitiviridae
Alfalfa latent virus, Carlavirus
Alfalfa mosaic virus, Bromoviridae
Alfuy virus, Flaviviridae
Allerton virus, Herpesviridae
Alligatorweed stunting virus, Closterovirus
Allitrich herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Allomyces arbuscula virus, Unassigned
Almeirim virus, Reoviridae
Almpiwar virus, Rhabdoviridae
Alphaea phasma NPV, Baculoviridae
Alsophila pometaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Alstroemeria mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Alstroemeria streak virus, Potyviridae
Alstroemeria virus, Carlavirus
Altamira virus, Reoviridae
Alteromonas phage PM2, Corticoviridae
Amapari virus, Arenaviridae
Amaranthus leaf mottle virus, Potyviridae
Amathes c-nigrum NPV, Baculoviridae
Amazon lily mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Amelia pallorarla GV, Baculoviridae
American ground squirrel herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
American hop latent virus, Carlavirus
American oyster reovirus, Reoviridae
American plum line pattern virus, Bromoviridae
Amphelophaga rubiginosa NPV, Baculoviridae
Amphidasis cognataria NPV, Baculoviridae
Amsacta albistriga NPV, Baculoviridae
Amsacta lactinea GV, Baculoviridae
Amsacta lactinea NPV, Baculoviridae
Amsacta moorei entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Amsacta moorei NPV, Baculoviridae
Amyelois transitella NPV, Baculoviridae
Amyelosis chronic stunt virus, Caliciviridae
Anadevidia peponis NPV, Baculoviridae
Anagasta kuehniella NPV, Baculoviridae
Anagrapha falcifera NPV, Baculoviridae
Anagyris vein yellowing virus, Tymovirus
Anaitis plagiata cypovirus 3, Reoviridae
Anaitis plagiata cypovirus 6, Reoviridae
Anaitis plagiata NPV, Baculoviridae
Ananindeua virus, Bunyaviridae
Anatid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Andasibe virus, Reoviridae
Andean potato latent virus, Tymovirus
Andean potato mottle virus, Comoviridae
Andraca bipunctata GV, Baculoviridae
Aneilema virus, Potyviridae
Angel fish reovirus, Reoviridae
Anhanga virus, Bunyaviridae
Anhembi virus, Bunyaviridae
Anisota senatoria NPV, Baculoviridae
Anomala cuprea entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Anomis flava NPV, Baculoviridae
Anomis sabulifera NPV, Baculoviridae
Anomogyna elimata NPV, Baculoviridae
Anopheles A virus, Bunyaviridae
Anopheles 8 virus, Bunyaviridae
Anopheles crucians NPV, Baculoviridae
Antequera virus, Bunyaviridae
Anthela varia NPV, Baculoviridae
Anthelia hyperborea NPV, Baculoviridae
Antheraea eucalypti virus, Tetraviridae
Antheraea mylitta cypovirus 4, Reoviridae
Antheraea paphia NPV, Baculoviridae
Antheraea pemyi cypovirus 4, Reoviridae
Antheraea pemyi NPV, Baculoviridae
Antheraea polyphemus NPV, Baculoviridae
Antheraea yamamai NPV, Baculoviridae
Anthonomus glandis PV, Baculoviridae
Anthoxan, thum latent blanching virus, Hordeivirus
Anthoxanthum mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Anthrenus museorum NPV, Baculoviridae
Anthriscus virus, Carlavirus
Anthriscus yellows virus, Sequiviridae
Anticarisia gemmatalis MNPV, Baculoviridae
Antitype xanthomista cypovirus 6, Reoviridae
Aotine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Aotine herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Aotine herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Apamea anceps GV, Baculoviridae
Apamea anceps NPV, Baculoviridae
Apamea sordens GV, Baculoviridae
Apanteles fumiferanae virus, Polydnaviridae
Apeu virus, Bunyaviridae
Aphid lethal paralysis virus, Picornaviridae
Aphodius tasmaniae entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Apocheima cinerarius NPV, Baculoviridae
Apocheima pilosaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Apoi virus, Flaviviridae
Aporia crataegi NPV, Baculoviridae
Aporophyla lutulenta cypovirus 10, Reoviridae
Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus, Trichovirus
Apple mosaic virus, Bromoviridae
Apple scar skin viroid, Viroids
Apple stem grooving virus, Capillovirus
Aproaerema modicella NPV, Baculoviridae
Aquilegia necrotic mosaic virus, Caulimovirus
Aquilegia virus, Potyviridae
Arabis mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Arabis mosaic virus large satellite, Satellites
Arabis mosaic virus small satellite, Satellites
Aransas Bay virus, Bunyaviridae
Araschnia levana NPV, Baculoviridae
Araujia mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Arbia virus, Bunyaviridae
Arboledas virus, Bunyaviridae
Arbroath virus, Reoviridae
Archippus breviplicanus GV, Baculoviridae
Archippus packardianus GV, Baculoviridae
Archips argyrospila GV, Baculoviridae
Archips cerasivoranus NPV, Baculoviridae
Archips longicellana GV, Baculoviridae
Arctia caja cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Arctia caja cypovirus 3, Reoviridae
Arctia caja NPV, Baculoviridae
Arctia villica cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Ardices glatignyi NPV, Baculoviridae
Arge pectoralis NPV, Baculoviridae
Argentine turtle herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Argynnis paphia NPV, Baculoviridae
Argyrogramma basigera NPV, Baculoviridae
Argyrotaenia velutinana GV, Baculoviridae
Arkonam virus, Reoviridae
Aroa virus, Flaviviridae
Arphia conspersa entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Arracacha latent virus, Carlavirus
Arracacha virus A, Comoviridae
Arracacha virus B, Comoviridae
Arracacha virus Y, Potyviridae
Artica villica NPV, Baculoviridae
Artichoke curly dwarf virus, Potexvirus
Artichoke Italian latent virus, Comoviridae
Artichoke latent virus, Potyviridae
Artichoke latent virus M, Carlavirus
Artichoke latent virus S, Carlavirus
Artichoke mottled crinkle virus, Tombusviridae
Artichoke vein banding virus, Comoviridae
Artichoke yellow ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Artogeia rapae granulovirus, Baculoviridae
Artona funeralis GV, Baculoviridae
Aruac virus, Rhabdoviridae
Arumowot virus, Bunyaviridae
Ascogaster argentifrons virus, Polydnaviridae
Ascogaster quadridentata virus, Polydnaviridae
Asinine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Asinine herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Asinine herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Asparagus virus 1, Potyviridae
Asparagus virus 2, Bromoviridae
Asparagus virus 3, Potexvirus
Aspergillus foetidus virus F, Unassigned
Aspergillus foetidus virus S, Totiviridae
Aspergillus niger virus S, Totiviridae
Aspergillus ochraceous virus, Partitiviridae
Astero campaceltis NPV, Baculoviridae
Asystasia gangetica mottle virus, Potyviridae
Asystasia golden mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Ateline herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Ateline herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Ateline herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Athetis albina GV, Baculoviridae
Atlantic cod ulcus syndrome virus, Rhabodoviridae
Atlantic salmon reovirus Australia, Reoviridae
Atlantic salmon reovirus Canada, Reoviridae
Atlantic salmon reovirus USA, Reoviridae
Atropa belladorma virus, Rhabdoviridae
Aucuba bacilliform virus, Badnavirus
Aujeszky's disease virus, Herpesviridae
Aura virus, Togaviridae
Australian grapevine viroid, Viroids
Autographa biloha NPV, Baculoviridae
Autographa bimaculata NPV, Baculoviridae
Autographa californica GV, Baculoviridae
Autographa californica MNPV, Baculoviridae
Autographa gamma cypovirus 12, Reoviridae
Autographa gamma NPV, Baculoviridae
Autographa nigrisigna NPV, Baculoviridae
Autographa precationis NPV, Baculoviridae
Auzduk disease virus, Poxviridae
Avalon virus, Bunyaviridae
Avian adeno-associated virus, Parvoviridae
Avian carcinoma, Mill Hill virus 2, Retroviridae
Avian encephalomyelitis virus, Picornaviridae
Avian infectious bronchitis virus, Coronaviridae
Avian leukosis virus - RSA, Retroviridae
Avian myeloblastosis virus, Retroviridae
Avian myelocytomatosis virus 29, Retroviridae
Avian nephrites virus, Picornaviridae
Avian paramyxovirus 1, Paramyxoviridae
Avian paramyxovirus 2, Paramyxoviridae
Avian paramyxovirus 3, Paramyxoviridae
Avian paramyxovirus 4, Paramyxoviridae
Avian paramyxovirus 5, Paramyxoviridae
Avian paramyxovirus 6, Paramyxoviridae
Avian paramyxovirus 7, Paramyxoviridae
Avian paramyxovirus 8, Paramyxoviridae
Avian paramyxovirus 9, Paramyxoviridae
Avian reovirus 1, Reoviridae
Avian reovirus 2, Reoviridae
Avian reovirus 3, Reoviridae
Avian reovirus 4, Reoviridae
Avian reovirus 5, Reoviridae
Avian reovirus 6, Reoviridae
Avian reovirus 7, Reoviridae
Avian reovirus 8, Reoviridae
Avian reovirus 9, Reoviridae
Avocado sunblotch viroid, Viroids
Azuki bean mosaic virus, Potyviridae

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B19 virus, Parvoviridae
B-lymphotropic papovavirus, Papovaviridae
Babahoya virus, Bunyaviridae
Babanki virus, Togaviridae
Baboon herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Baboon polyomavirus 2, Papovaviridae
Bacillus phage 1A, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage a, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage AP50, Tectiviridae
Bacillus phage BLE, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage f105, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage f29, Podoviridae
Bacillus phage G, Myoviridae
Bacillus phage GA-1, Podoviridae
Bacillus phage II, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage IPy-1, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage mor1, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage MP13, Myoviridae
Bacillus phage MP15, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage 0NS11, Tectiviridae
Bacillus phage PBP1, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage PBS1, Myoviridae
Bacillus phage SP10, Myoviridae
Bacillus phage SP15, Myoviridae
Bacillus phage SP3, Myoviridae
Bacillus phage SP50, Myoviridae
Bacillus phage SP8, Myoviridae
Bacillus phage SPb, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage SPP1, Siphoviridae
Bacillus phage SPy-2, Myoviridae
Bacillus phage SST, Myoviridae
Bacillus phage type F, Siphoviridae
Bagaza virus, Flaviviridae
Bahia Grande virus, Rhabdoviridae
Bahig virus, Bunyaviridae
Bajra streak virus, Geminiviridae
Bakau virus, Bunyaviridae
Baku virus, Reoviridae
Bald eagle herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Bamboo mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Bamboo mosaic virus satellite, Satellites
Banana bunchy top virus, Unassigned
Banana bunchy top virus, Circoviridae
Banana streak virus, Badnavirus
Banded krait herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Bandia virus, Bunyaviridae
Bangoran virus, Rhabdoviridae
Bangui virus, Bunyaviridae
Banzi virus, Flaviviridae
Barley mild mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Barley stripe mosaic virus, Hordeivirus
Barley virus B1, Potexvirus
Barley yellow dwarf virus - MAV, Luteovirus
Barley yellow dwarf virus - PAV, Luteovirus
Barley yellow dwarf virus - RGV, Luteovirus
Barley yellow dwarf virus - RMV, Luteovirus
Barley yellow dwarf virus - RPV, Luteovirus
Barley yellow dwarf virus - SGV, Luteovirus
Barley yellow dwarf virus satellite, Satellites
Barley yellow mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Barley yellow striate mosaic virus, Rhabdoviridae
Barmah Forest virus, Togaviridae
Barranqueras virus, Bunyaviridae
Barur virus, Rhabdoviridae
Batai virus, Bunyaviridae
Batarna virus, Bunyaviridae
Batken virus, Bunyaviridae
Batocera lineolata NPV, Baculoviridae
Bauline virus, Reoviridae
Bdellovibrio phage MAC 1, Microviridae
Bdellovibrio phage MAC 1', Microviridae
Bdellovibrio phage MAC 2, Microviridae
Bdellovibrio phage MAC 4, Microviridae
Bdellovibrio phage MAC 4', Microviridae
Bdellovibrio phage MAC 5, Microviridae
Bdellovibrio phage MAC 7, Microviridae
Beak and feather disease virus, Circoviridae
BeAn 157575 virus, Rhabdoviridae
Bean calico mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Bean comrnon mosaic necrosis virus, Potyviridae
Bean common mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Bean dwarf mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Bean golden mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Bean leafroll virus, Luteovirus
Bean mild mosaic virus, Tombusviridae
Bean pod mottle virus, Comoviridae
Bean rugose mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Bean yellow mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Bean yellow vein-banding virus, Umbravirus
BeAr 328208 virus, Bunyaviridae
Bearded iris mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Bebaru virus, Togaviridae
Bee acute paralysis virus, Picornaviridae
Bee slow paralysis virus, Picornaviridae
Bee virus X, Picornaviridae
Bet cryptic virus 1, Partitiviridae
Beet cryptic virus 2, Partitiviridae
Beet cryptic virus 3, Partitiviridae
Beet curly top virus, Geminiviridae
Beet leaf curl virus, Rhabdoviridae
Beet mild yellowing vinls, Luteovirus
Beet mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Beet necrotic yellow vein virus, Furovirus
Beet pseudoyellows virus, Closterovirus
Beet soil-borne virus, Furovirus
Beet western yellows virus, Luteovirus
Beet western yellows virus satellite, Satellites
Beet yellow net virus, Luteovirus
Beet yellow stunt virus, Closterovirus
Beet yellows virus, Closterovirus
Belem virus, Bunyaviridae
Belladonna mottle virus, Tymovirus
Bellura gortynoides NPV, Baculoviridae
Belmont virus, Bunyaviridae
Belterra virus, Bunyaviridae
Benevides virus, Bunyaviridae
Benfica virus, Bunyaviridae
Bermuda grass etched-line virus, Marafivirus
Berne virus, Coronaviridae
Berrimah virus, Rhabdoviridae
Bertioga virus, Bunyaviridae
Bhanja virus, Bunyaviridae
Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Bhima undulosa NPV, Baculoviridae
Bidens mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Bidens mottle virus, Potyviridae
Bimbo virus, Rhabdoviridae
Bimiti virus, Bunyaviridae
Birao virus, Bunyaviridae
Biston betularia cypovirus 6, Reoviridae
Biston betularia NPV, Baculoviridae
Biston hirtaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Biston hispidaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Biston marginata NPV, Baculoviridae
Biston robustum NPV, Baculoviridae
Biston strataria NPV, Baculoviridae
BivensArm virus, Rhabdoviridae
BK virus, Papovaviridae
Black beetle virus, Nodaviridae
Black footed penguin herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Black stork herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Blackeye cowpea mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Blackgram mottle virus, Tombusviridae
Blue crab virus, Rhabdoviridae
Blueberry leaf mottle virus, Comoviridae
Blueberry red ringspot virus, Caulimovirus
Bueberry scorch virus, Carlavirus
Blueberry shock virus, Bromoviridae
Blueberry shoestring virus, Sobemovirus
Bluetongue viruses 1 to 24, Reoviridae
Boarmia bistortata NPV, Baculoviridae
Boarmia obliqua NPV, Baculoviridae
Bobaya virus, Bunyaviridae
Bobia virus, Bunyaviridae
Bobwhite quail herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Boid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Boletus virus, Potexvirus
Boloria dia cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Bombyx mori cypovirus 1, Reoviridae
Bombyx mori densovirus, Parvoviridae
Bombyx mori NPV, Baculoviridae
Boolarra virus, Nodaviridae
Boraceia virus, Bunyaviridae
Border disease virus, Flaviviridae
Boma disease virus, Unassigned
Botambi virus, Bunyaviridae
Boteke virus, Rhabdoviridae
Bouboui virus, Flaviviridae
Bovine adeno-associated virus, Parvoviridae
Bovine adenoviruses 1 to 9, Adenoviridae
Bovine astrovirus 1, Astroviridae
Bovine astrovirus 2, Astroviridae
Bovine coronavirus, Coronaviridae
Bovine diarrhea virus, Flaviviridae
Bovine encephalitis herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Bovine enteric calicivirus, Caliciviridae
Bovine enterovirus 1, Picornaviridae
Bovine enterovirus 2, Picornaviridae
Bovine ephemeral fever virus, Rhabdoviridae
Bovine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Bovine herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Bovine herpesvirus 4, Herpesviridae
Bovine herpesvirus 5, Herpesviridae
Bovine immunodeficiency virus, Retroviridae
Bovine leukemia virus, Retroviridae
Bovine mamillitis virus, Herpesviridae
Bovine papillomavirus 1, Papovaviridae
Bovine papillomavirus 2, Papovaviridae
Bovine papillomavirus 4, Papovaviridae
Bovine papular stomatitis virus, Poxviridae
Bovine parainfluenza virus 3, Paramyxoviridae
Bovine parvovirus, Parvoviridae
Bovine polyomavirus, Papovaviridae
Bovine respiratory syncytial virus, Paramyxoviridae
Bovine rhinovirus 1, Picornaviridae
Bovine rhinovirus 2, Picornaviridae
Bovine rhinovirus 3, Picornaviridae
Bovine syncytial virus, Retroviridae
Bozo virus, Bunyaviridae
Bramble yellow mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Brandle yellow mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Breda virus, Coronaviridae
Broad bean mottle virus, Bromoviridae
Broad bean necrosis virus, Furovirus
Broad bean stain virus, Comoviridae
Broad bean true mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Broad bean wilt virus 1, Comoviridae
Broad bean wilt virus Z, Comoviridae
Broadhaven virus, Reoviridae
Broccoli necrotic yellows virus, Rhabdoviridae
Brome mosaic virus, Bromoviridae
Brome streak virus, Potyviridae
Bromus striate mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Brucella phage Tb, Podoviridae
Bruconha virus, Bunyaviridae
Brus Laguna virus, Bunyaviridae
Bryonia mottle virus, Potyviridae
Bucculatrix thurbeliella NPV, Baculoviridae
Budgerigar fledgling disease virus, Papovaviridae
Buenaventura virus, Bunyaviridae
Buffalopox virus, Poxviridae
Buggy Creek virus, Togaviridae
Bujaru virus, Bunyaviridae
Bukalasa bat virus, Flaviviridae
Bunyamwera virus, Bunyaviridae
Bunyip creek virus, Reoviridae
Bupalus piniarius NPV, Baculoviridae
Burdock stunt viroid, Viroids
Burdock yellows virus, Closterovirus
Bushbush virus, Bunyaviridae
Bussuquara virus, Flaviviridae
Butterbur mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Buttonwillow virus, Bunyaviridae
Buzura suppressaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Buzura thibtaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Bwamba virus, Bunyaviridae

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Cacao necrosis virus, Comoviridae
Cacao swollen shoot virus, Badnavirus
Cacao virus, Bunyaviridae
Cacao yellow mosaic virus, Tymovirus
Cache Valley virus, Bunyaviridae
Cacipacore virus, Flaviviridae
Cactus virus 2, Carlavirus
Cactus virus X, Potexvirus
Caddo Canyon virus, Bunyaviridae
Cadra cautella GV, Baculoviridae
Cadra cautella NPV, Baculoviridae
Cadra figulilella GV, Baculoviridae
Cadra figulilella NPV, Baculoviridae
Caimito virus, Bunyaviridae
Calchaqui virus, Rhabdoviridae
California encephalitis virus, Bunyaviridae
California harbor sealpox virus, Poxviridae
Calliphora vornitoria NPV, Baculoviridae
Callistephus chinensis chlorosis virus, Rhabdoviridae
Callitrichine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Callitrichine herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Calophasia lunula NPV, Baculoviridae
Camel contagious ecthyma virus, Poxviridae
Camelpox virus, Poxviridae
Campoletis aprilis virus, Polydnaviridae
Campoletis flavicincta virus, Polydnaviridae
Campoletis sonorensis virus, Polydnaviridae
Campoletis sp. virus, Polydnaviridae
Camptochironomus tentans entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Cananeia virus, Bunyaviridae
Canary reed mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Canarypox virus, Poxviridae
Canavalia maritima mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Candiru virus, Bunyaviridae
Canephora asiatica NPV, Baculoviridae
Canid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Caninde virus, Reoviridae
Canine adeno-associated virus, Parvoviridae
Canine adenovirus 1, Adenoviridae
Cnine adenovirus 2, Adenoviridae
Canine calicivirus, Caliciviridae
Canine coronavirus, Coronaviridae
Canine distemper virus, Paramyxoviridae
Canine herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Canine minute virus, Paruoviridae
Canine oral papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Canine parvovirus, Parvoviridae
Canna yellow mottle virus, Badnavirus
Cape Wrath virus, Reoviridae
Caper latent virus, Carlavirus
Capim virus, Bunyaviridae
Caprine adenovirus 1, Adenoviridae
Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus, Retroviridae
Caprine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Capuchin herpesvirus AL-5, Herpesviridae
Capuchin herpesvirus AP-18, Herpesviridae
Carajas virus, Rhabdoviridae
Caraparu virus, Bunyaviridae
Caraway latent virus, Carlavinus
Cardamine latent virus, Carlavirus
Cardamom mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Cardiochiles nigriceps virus, Polydnaviridae
Carey Island virus, Flaviviridae
Caripeta divisata NPV, Baculoviridae
carnation bacilliform virus, Rhabdoviridae
Camation cryptic virus 1, Partitiviridae
Camation cryptic virus 2, Partitiviridae
Camation etched ring virus, Caulimovirus
Carnation Italian ringspot virus, Tombusviridae
Carnation latent virus, Carlavirus
Carnation moffle virus, Tombusviridae
Carnation necrotic fleck virus, Closterovirus
Carnation ringspot virus, Dianthovirus
Carnation stunt associated viroid-like RNA, Viroids
Camation vein moffle virus, Potyviridae
Carnation yellow stripe virus, Necrovirus
Carp pox herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Carposina niponensis GV, Baculoviridae
Carposina niponensis NPV, Baculoviridae
Carrot latent virus, Rhabdoviridae
Carrot mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Carrot mottle virus, Umbravirus
Carrot red leaf virus, Luteovirus
Carrot temperate virus 1, Partitiviridae
Carrot temperate virus 2, Partitiviridae
Carrot temperate virus 3, Partitiviridae
Carrot temperate virus 4, Partitiviridae
Carrot thin leaf virus, Potyviridae
Carrot yellow leaf virus, Closterovirus
Casinaria arjuna virus, Polydnaviridae
Casinaria forcipata virus, Polydnaviridae
Casinaria infesta virus, Polydnaviridae
Casinaria sp. virus, Polydnaviridae
Casphalia extranea densovirus, Parvoviridae
CassavaAmerican latent virus, Comoviridae
Cassava brown streak-associated virus, Carlavirus
Cassava common mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Cassava green mottle virus, Comoviridae
Cassava symptomless virus, Rhabdoviridae
Cassava vein mosaic virus, Caulimovirus
Cassava virus X, Potexvirus
Cassia mild mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Cassia yellow blotch virus, Bromoviridae
Cassia yellow spot virus, Potyviridae
Catabena esula NPV, Baculoviridae
Catocala conjuncta NPV, Baculoviridae
Catocala nymphaea NPV, Baculoviridae
Catocala nymphagoga NPV, Baculoviridae
Catopsilia pomona NPV, Baculoviridae
Catu virus, Bunyaviridae
Cauliflower mosaic virus, Caulimovirus
Caulobacter phage 0Cb12r, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage 0Cb2, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage 0023r, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage 004, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage 0Cb5, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage 008r, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage 009, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage 0CP18, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage 0CP2, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage 0Cr14, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage 0Cr28, Leviviridae
Caulobacter phage PP7, Leviviridae
Caviid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Caviid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Caviid herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
CbaAr 426 virus, Bunyaviridae
Cebine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Cebine herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Celery mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Clery yellow mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Celery yellow spot virus, Luteovirus
Centrosema mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Cephalcia abietis NPV, Baculoviridae
Cephalcia fascipennis GV, Baculoviridae
Ceramica picta NPV, Baculoviridae
Ceramica pisi NPV, Baculoviridae
Cerapteryx graminis NPV, Baculouiridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 10, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 12, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 13, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 14, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 15, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 4, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 5, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 6, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 7, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 8, Herpesviridae
Cercopithecine herpesvirus 9, Herpesviridae
Cereal chlorotic mottle virus, Rhabdoviridae
Cerura hermelina NPV, Baculoviridae
Cervid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Cervid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Cestrum virus, Caulimovirus
CG18-20 virus, Bunyaviridae
Chaco virus, Rhabdoviridae
Chaffinch papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Chagres virus, Bunyaviridae
Chamois contagious ecthvma virus, Poxviridae
Chandipura virus, Rhabdoviridae
Changuinola virus, Reoviridae
Channel catfish herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Channel catfish reovirus, Reoviridae
Chara corallina virus, Tobamoviridae
Charleville virus, Rhabdoviridae
Chelonid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Chelonid herpesvirus 2, Herpesvirzdae
Chelonid herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Chelonid herpesvirus 4, Herpesviridae
Chelonus altitudinis virus, Polydnaviridae
Chelonus blackburni virus, Polydnaviridae
Chelonus insularis virus, Polydnaviridae
Chelonus nr. curvimaculatus virus, Polydnaviridae
Chelonus texanus virus, Polydnaviridae
Chenopodium necrosis virus, Necrovirus
Chenuda virus, Reoviridae
Cherry leaf roll virus, Comoviridae
Cherry rasp leaf virus, Comoviridae
Chick syncytial virus, Retroviridae
Chicken anemia virus, Circoviridae
Chicken parvovirus, Paruoviridae
Chickpea bushy dwarf virus, Potyviridae
Chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus, Geminiviridae
Chickpea filiform virus, Potyviridae
Chickpea stunt virus, Luteovirus
Chicory yellow blotch virus, Carlavirus
Chicory yellow mottle virus, Comoviridae
Chicory yellow mottle virus large satellite, Satellites
Chikungunya virus, Togaviridae
Chilibre virus, Bunyaviridae
Chilli veinal mottle virus, Potyviridae
Chilo infuscatellus GV, Baculoviridae
Chilo iridescent virus, Iridoviridae
Chilo sacchariphagus GV, Baculoviridae
Chilo suppressalis GV, Baculoviridae
Chilo suppressalis NPV, Baculoviridae
Chim virus, Bunyaviridae
Chimpanzee herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Chinese yam necrotic mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Chino del tomate virus, Geminiviridae
Chinook salmon reovirus, Reoviridae
Chirono mustentans NPV, Baculoviridae
Chironomus attenuatus entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Chironomus luridus entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Chironomus plumosus erltomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Chironomus plumosus iridescent virus, Iridoviridae
Chlamydia phage 1, Microviridae
Chloris striate mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Chobar Gorge virus, Reoviridae
Choristoneura biennis entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Choristoneura conflicta entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Choristoneura conflictana GV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura conflictana NPV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura diversana NPV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura diversuma entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Choristoneura fumiferana GV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura fumiferana MNPV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura murinana GV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura murinana NPV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura occidentalis GV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura occidentalis NPV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura pinus NPV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura retiniana GV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura rosaceana NPV, Baculoviridae
Choristoneura viridis GV, Baculoviridae
Chorizagrotis auxiliars entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Chronic bee-paralysis virus associate satellite, Satellites
Chrysanthemum chlorotic mottle viroid-like RNA, Viroids
Chrysanthemum frutescens virus, Rhabdoviridae
Chrysanthemum stunt viroid, Viroids
Chrysanthemum vein chlorosis virus, Rhabdoviridae
Chrysanthemum virus B, Carlavirus
Chrysodeixis chalcites NPV, Baculoviridae
Chrysodeixis eriosoma NPV, Baculoviridae
Chrysopa perla NPV, Baculoviridae
Chub reovirus Germany, Reoviridae
Chum salmon reovirus, Reoviridae
Ciconiid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Cingilia caternaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Citrus bent leaf viroid, Viroids
Citrus crinkly leaf virus, Bromoviridae
Citrus exocortis viroid, Viroids
Citrus leaf rugose virus, Bromoviridae
Citrus leprosis virus, Rhabdoviridae
Citrus tatter leaf virus, Capillovirus
Citrus tristeza virus, Closterovirus
Ctrus variegation virus, Bromoviridae
Citrus viroid IV, Viroids
Citrus viroids, Viroids
Clepsis persicana GV, Baculoviridae
Clitoria yellow mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Clitoria yellow vein virus, Tymovirus
Clo Mor virus, Bunyaviridae
Clostridium phage CEb, Myoviridae
Clostridiurn phage F1, Siphoviridae
Clostridium phage HM2, Podoviridae
Clostridium phage HM3, Myoviridae
Clostridium phage HM7, Siphoviridae
Clover enation virus, Rhabdoviridae
Clover yellow mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Clover yellow vein virus, Potyviridae
Cnaphalocrocis medinalis GV, Baculoviridae
Cnidocampa flavescens GV, Baculoviridae
Cnidocarnpa flavescens NPV, Baculoviridae
CoAr-1071 virus, Bunyaviridae
CoAr-3624 virus, Bunyaviridae
CoAr-3627 virus, Bunyaviridae
Coastal Plains virus, Rhabdoviridae
Cocal virus, Rhabdoviridae
Cocksfoot mild mosaic virus, Sobemovirus
Cocksfoot mottle virus, Sobemovirus
Cocksfoot streak virus, Potyviridae
Coconut cadang-cadang viroid, Viroids
Coconut foliar decay virus, Circoviridae
Coconut tinangaja viroid, Viroids
coffee ringspot virus, Rhabdoviridae
Coho salmon reovirus, Reoviridae
Coital exanthema virus, Herpesviridae
ColAn-57389 virus, Bunyaviridae
Cole latent virus, Carlavirus
Coleophora laricella NPV, Baculoviridae
Coleotechnites milleri GV, Baculoviridae
Coleus blumei viroid 1, Viroids
Coleus blumei viroid 2, Viroids
Coleus blumei viroid 3, Viroids
Colias electo NPV, Baculoviridae
Colias eurytheme NPV, Baculoviridae
Colias lesbia NPV, Baculoviridae
Colias philodice NPV, Baculoviridae
Coliphage 1f1, Microviridae
Coliphage 1f3, Microviridae
Coliphage 1f7, Microviridae
Coliphage 1f9, Microviridae
Coliphage 2D/13, Microviridae
Coliphage a10, Microviridae
Coliphage a3, Microviridae
ColiphageAE2, Inoviridae
Coliphage BE/1, Microviridae
Coliphage f1, Microviridae
Coliphage fA, Inoviridae
Coliphage df3, Microviridae
Coliphage df4, Microviridae
Coliphage df5, Microviridae
Coliphage Ec9, Inoviridae
Coliphage f1, Inoviridae
Coliphage fA, Microviridae
Coliphage fB, Microviridae
Coliphage fC, Microviridae
Coliphage fK, Microviridae
Coliphage fd, Inoviridae
Coliphage fR, Microviridae
Coliphage fX174, Microviridae
Coliphage G13, Microviridae
Coliphage G14, Microviridae
Coliphage G4, Microviridae
Coliphage G6, Microviridae
Coliphage h8, Microviridae
Coliphage HR, Inoviridae
Coliphage l, Siphoviridae
Coliphage M13, Inoviridae
coliphage M20, Microviridae
Coliphage o6, Microviridae
Coliphage S13, Microviridae
Coliphage St-1, Microviridae
Coliphage T2, Myoviridae
Coliphage T4, Myoviridae
Coliphage T6, Myoviridae
Coliphage T7, Podoviridae
Coliphage U3, Microviridae
Coliphage WA/1, Microviridae
Coliphage WF/1, Microviridae
Coliphage WW/1, Microviridae
Coliphage x3, Microviridae
Coliphage ZG/2, Inoviridae
Coliphage ZJ/2, Inoviridae
Colletotrichum lindemuthianum virus, Unassigned
Colocasia bobone disease virus, Rhabdoviridae
Colombian datura virus, Potyviridae
Coloradia pandora NPV, Baculoviridae
Colorado tick fever virus, Reoviridae
Columbia SK virus, Picornaviridae
Columbid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Columnea latent viroid, Viroids
Commelina mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Commelina virus X, Potexvirus
Commelina yellow mottle virus, Badnavirus
Connecticut virus, Rhabdoviridae
Contagious ecthyma virus, Poxviridae
Contagious pustular dermatitis virus, Poxviridae
Corcyrace phalonica NPV, Baculoviridae
Corfu virus, Bunyaviridae
Coriander feathery red vein virus, Rhabdoviridae
Cormorant herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Corriparta virus, Reoviridae
Coryneforms phage 7/26, Podoviridae
Coryneforms phage A, Siphoviridae
Coryneforms phage AN25SS-1, Podoviridae
Coryneforms phage A19, Myoviridae
Coryneforms phage Arp, Siphoviridae
Coryneforms phage B, Siphoviridae
Coryneforms phage BL3, Siphoviridae
Coryneforms phage CONX, Siphoviridae
Coryneforms phage fA8010, Siphoviridae
Coryneforrns phage MT, Siphoviridae
Cosmotriche podatoria NPV, Baculoviridae
Cossus cossus NPV, Baculoviridae
Cotesia congregata virus, Polydnaviridae
Cotesia flavipes virus, Polydnaviridae
Cotesia glomerata virus, Polydnaviridae
Cotesia hyphantriae virus, Polydnaviridae
Cotesia kariyai virus, Polydnaviridae
Cotesia margiruventris virus, Polydnaviridae
Cotesia melanoscela virus, Polydnaviridae
Cotesia rubecula virus, Polydnaviridae
Cotesia schaeferi virus, Polydnaviridae
Cotia virus, Poxviridae
Cotton anthocyanosis virus, Luteovirus
Cotton leaf crumple virus, Geminiviridae
Cotton leaf curl virus, Gemininiviridae
Cottontail herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Cottontail rabbit papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Cow parsnip mosaic virus, Rhabdoviridae
Cowbone Ridge virus, Flaviviridae
Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus, Bromovirdae
Cowpea golden mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Cowpea green vein banding virus, Potyviridae
Cowpea mild mottle virus, Carlavirus
Cowpea mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Cowpea mottle virus, Tombusviridae
Cowpea rugose mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Cowpea severe mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Cowpox virus, Poxviridae
Crane herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Cicetid herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Cricket paralysis virus, Picornaviridae
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus, Bunyaviridae
Crimson clover latent virus, Comoviridae
Crinum mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Croatian clover virus, Potyviridae
Crocus tomasinianus virus, Potyviridae
Croton yellow vein mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Cryphonectria hypovirus 1-EP713, Hypoviridae
Cryphonectria hypovirus 1-EP747, Hypoviridae
Cryphonectria hypovirus 2-NB58, Hypoviridae
Cryphonectria hypovirus 3-GH2, Hypoviridae
Cryptoblabes lariciana NPV, Baculoviridae
Cryptophlebia leucotreta GV, Baculoviridae
Cryptothelea junodi NPV, Baculoviridae
Cryptothelea variegata NPV, Baculoviridae
CSIRO village virus, Reoviridae
Cucumber chlorotic spot virus, Closterovirus
Cucumber cryptic virus, Partitiviridae
Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus, Tobamoviridae
Cucurnber leaf spot virus, Tombusviridae
Cucumber mosaic virus, Bromoviridae
Cucumber mosaic virus satellite, Satellites
Cucumber necrosis virus, Tombusviridae
Cucumber soil-borne virus, Tombusviridae
Cucumber vein yellowing virus, Unassigned
Cucumber yellows virus, Closterovirus
Culcuta panterinaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Culex pipiens NPV, Baculoviridae
Culex salinarius NPV, Baculoviridae
Cyanobacteria phage A-4(L), Podoviridae
Cyanobacteria phage AC-1, Podoviridae
Cyanobacteria phage AS-1, Myoviridae
Cyanobacteria phage LPP-1, Podoviridae
Cyanobacteria phage N1, Myoviridae
Cyanobacteria phage S-2L, Siphoviridae
Cyanobacteria phage S-4L, Siphooiridae
Cyanobacteria phage S-6(L), Myoviridae
Cyanobacteria phage SM-1, Podoviridae
Cycas necrotic stunt virus, Comoviridae
Cyclophragma undans NPV, Baculoviridae
Cyclophragma yamadai NPV, Baculoviridae
Cydia nigricana GV, Baculoviridae
Cydia pomonella granulovirus, Baculoviridae
Cydia pomonella NPV, Baculoviridae
Cymbidium mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Cymbidium ringspot virus, Tombusviridae
Cymbidium ringspot virus satellite, Satellites
Cynara virus, Rhabdoviridae
Cynodon mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Cynosurus mottle virus, Sobemovirus
Cyprinid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Cypripedium calceolus virus, Potyviridae

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Dabakala virus, Bunyaviridae
D'Aguilar virus, Reoviridae
Dahlia mosaic virus, Caulimovirus
Dakar bat virus, Flaviviridae
DakArk 7292 virus, Rhabdoviridae
Danaus plexippus cypovirus 3, Reoviridae
Dandelion latent virus, Carlavirus
Dandelion yellow mosaic virus, Sequiviridae
Daphne virus S, Carlavirus
Daphne virus X, Potexvirus
Daphne virus Y, Potyviridae
Darna trim virus, Tetraviridae
Darna trima GV, Baculoviridae
Dasheen mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Dasychira abietis NPV, Baculoviridae
Dasychira argentata NPV, Baculoviridae
Dasychira axutha NPV, Baculoviridae
Dasychira basiflava NPV, Baculoviridae
Dasychira confusa NPV, Baculoviridae
Dasychira glaucinoptera NPV, Baculoviridae
Dasychira locuples NPV, Baculoviridae
Dasychira mendosa NPV, Baculoviridae
Dasychira pseudabietis NPV, Baculoviridae
Dasychira pudibunda cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Dasychira pudibunda NPV, Baculoviridae
Dasychira pudibunda virus, Tetraviridae
Datura distortion mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Datura mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Datura necrosis virus, Potyviridae
Datura shoestring virus, Potyviridae
Datura virus 437, Potyviridae
Datura yellow vein virus, Rhabdoviridae
Deer fibroma virus, Papovaviridae
Deer papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Deilephila elpenor NPV, Baculoviridae
Deileptenia ribeata NPV, Baculoviridae
Demodema boranensis entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Dendrobium leaf streak virus, Rhabodoviridae
Dendrobium mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Dendrobium vein necrosis virus, Closterovirus
Dendrolimus latipennis NPV, Baculoviridae
Dendrolimus pini NPV, Baculoviridae
Dendrolimus punctatus NPV, Baculoviridae
Dendrolimus sibiricus GV, Baculoviridae
Dendrolimus spectabilis cypovirus 1, Reoviridae
Dendrolimus spectabilis GV; Baculoviridae
Dendrolimus spectabilis NPV; Baculoviridae
Dengue virus 1, Flaviviridae
Dengue virus 2, Flaviviridae
Dengue virus 3, Flaviviridae
Dengue virus 4, Flaviviridae
Dengue virus group, Flaviviridae
Densovirinae: Subfamily, Parvoviridae
Densovirus: Family Parvoviridae
Dependovirus: Family Parvoviridae
Dera Ghazi Khan virus, Bunyaviridae
Dera Ghazi Khan virus Group, Bunyaviridae
Dermeste lardarius NPV; Baculoviridae
Dermolepida albohirtum entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Desmodium mosaic virus; Potyviridae
Desmodium yellow mottle virus; Genus Tymovirus
Dhori virus, Orthomyxoviridae
Diachrysia orichalcea NPV; Baculoviridae
Diacrisia obliqua GV; Baculoviridae
Diacrisia obliqua NPV; Baculoviridae
Diacrisia purpurata NPV; Baculoviridae
Diacrisia virginica GV; Baculoviridae
Diacrisia virginica NPV; Baculoviridae
Diadegma acronyctae virus; Polydnaviridae
Diadegma interruptum virus; Polydnaviridae
Diadegma terebrans virus; Polydnaviridae
Diaphora mendica NPV; Baculoviridae
Diatraea grandiosella NPV; Baculoviridae
Diatraea saccharalis densovirus, Parvoviridae
Diatraea saccharalisGV; Baculoviridae
Diatraea saccharalis NPV; Baculoviridae
Dichocrocis punctiferalis NPV; Baculoviridae
Dictyoploca japonica NPV; Baculoviridae
Dicycla oo NPV; Baculoviridae
Digitaria streak virus; Geminiviridae
Digitaria striate mosaic virus; Geminiviridae
Digitaria striate virus, Rhabdoviridae
Dilta hibernica NPV; Baculoviridae
Diodia vein chlorosis virus; Genus Closterovirus
Diolcogaster facetosa virus; Polydnaviridae
Dionychopus amasis GV; Baculoviridae
Dioryctria abietella GV; Baculoviridae
Dioryctria pseudotsugella NPV; Baculoviridae
Dioscorea alata ring mottle virus; Potyviridae
Dioscorea bacilliform virus; Genus Badnavirus
Dioscorea green banding virus syn. yam mosaic virus; Potyviridae
Dioscorea latent virus; Genus Potexvirus
Dioscorea trifida virus; Potyviridae
Diparopsis watersi NPV; Baculoviridae
Dipladenia mosaic virus; Potyviridae
Diplocarpon rosae virus; Partitiviridae
Diprion hercyniae NPV; Baculoviridae
Diprion leuwanensis NPV; Baculoviridae
Diprion nipponica NPV; Baculoviridae
Diprion pallida NPV; Baculoviridae
Diprion pindrowi NPV; Baculoviridae
Diprion pini NPV; Baculoviridae
Diprion polytoma NPV; Baculoviridae
Diprion similis NPV; Baculoviridae
Dirphia gragatus NPV; Baculoviridae
Dobrava-Belgrade virus, Bunyaviridae
dock mottling mosaic virus; Potyviridae
docropsis wallaby herpesvirus syn. macropodid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Dolichos yellow mosaic virus; Geminiviridae
dolphin distemper virus, Paramyxoviridae
dolphinpox virus, Poxviridae
Doratifera casta NPV; Baculoviridae
Douglas virus, Bunyaviridae
Drosophila C virus, Picornaviridae
Drosophila X virus; Birnaviridae
Dry Tortugas virus, Bunyaviridae
Dryobota furva GV; Baculoviridae
Dryobota furva NPV; Baculoviridae
Dryobota protea NPV; Baculoviridae
Dryobotodes monochroma NPV; Baculoviridae
dsDNA Satellites; Satellites
duck adenovirus 1, Adenoviridae
duck adenovirus 2, Adenoviridae
duck astrovirus 1; Astroviridae
duck hepatitis B virus, Hepadnaviridae
duck plague herpesvirus syn. anatid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Dugbe virus, Bunyaviridae
Dulcamara mottle virus; Genus Tymovirus
Dulcamara virus A; Genus Carlavirus
Dulcamara virus B; Genus Carlavirus
Dusona sp. virus; Polydnaviridae
Duvenhage virus, Rhabdoviridae

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Earias insulana NPV; Baculoviridae
Eastern equine encephalitis virus, Togaviridae
Ebola virus Reston, Filoviridae
Ebola virus Sudan, Filoviridae
Ebola virus Zaire, Filoviridae
Echinochloa hoja blanca virus; Genus Tenuivirus
Echinochloa ragged stunt virus, Reoviridae
Eclipta yellow vein virus; Geminiviridae
Ecpantheria icasiaGV; Baculoviridae
Ecpantheria icasia NPV; Baculoviridae
ectromelia virus, Poxviridae
Ectropis crepuscularia NPV; Baculoviridae
Ectropis obliquaGV; Baculoviridae
Ectropis obliqua NPV; Baculoviridae
Edge Hill virus, Flaviviridae
eel virus American, Rhabdoviridae
eel virus B12, Rhabdoviridae
EgAn 1825-61 virus, Bunyaviridae
eggplant green mosaic virus; Potyviridae
eggplant mild mottle virus; Genus Carlavirus
eggplant mosaic virus; Genus Tymovirus
eggplant mottled crinkle virus; Tombusviridae
eggplant mottled dwarf virus, Rhabdoviridae
eggplant severe mottle virus; Potyviridae
eggplant virus syn. eggplant mild mottle virus; Genus Carlavirus
eggplant yellow mosaic virus; Geminiviridae
Egtved virus syn. viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus, Rhabdoviridae
Elapid herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Eldeberry latent virus, Tombusviridae
Elderberry virus, Carlavirus
Elderberry virusA, Carlavirus
Elephant loxondontal herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Elephant papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Elephantid herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Ellidaey virus, Reoviridae
Elm mottle virus, Bromoviridae
Embu virus, Poxviridae
Encephalomyocarditis virus, Picornaviridae
Ennomos quercaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Ennomos quercinaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Ennomos subsignarius NPV, Baculoviridae
Enseada virus, Bunyaviridae
Entamoeba virus, Rhabdoviridae
Entebbe bat virus, Flaviviridae
Enterobacteria phage 01, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 11F, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 121, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 16-19, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 3, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 7-11, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 3T, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 50, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 5845, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 66F, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 7480b, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 8893, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 9/0, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage 9266, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage al, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage a1, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage b, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage b4, Siphoviridae
Enterobacteria phage B6, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage B7, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage Beccles, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage BZ13, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage X, Siphoviridae
Enterobacteria phage C-2, Inoviridae
Enterobacteria phage C-1, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage C16, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage C2, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage DdVI, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage Esc-7-11, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage f2, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage f92, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage FC3-9, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage fcan, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage PI, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage Folac, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage fr, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage GA, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage H, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage H-19J, Siphoviridae
Enterobacteria phage I2-2, Inoviridae
enterobacteria phage Ia, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage ID2, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage If 1, Inoviridae
Enterobacteria phage If2, Inoviridae
Enterobacteria phage Ike, Inoviridae
Enterobacteria phage Jersey, Siphoviridae
Enterobacteria phage JP34, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage JP501, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage K19, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage KU1, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage M, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage M11, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage M12, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage 112, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage MS2, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage Mu, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage N4, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage NL95, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage fI, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage fII, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage P1, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage P2, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage P22, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage pilHa, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage PR64FS, Inoviridae
Enterobacteria phage PRD1, Tectiviridae
Enterobacteria phage PST, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage PTB, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage Qb Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage R, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage R17, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage R23, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage R34, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage sd, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage SF, Inoviridae
Enterobacteria phage SMB, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage SMP2, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage SP, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage ST, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage t, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage T3, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage T5, Siphoviridae
enterobacteria phage tf-1, Inoviridae
Enterobacteria phage TH1, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage TW18, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage TW28, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage ViI, Myoviridae
Enterobacteria phage ViII, Siphoviridae
Enterobacteria phage VK, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage Q8, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage W31, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage X, Inoviridae
Enterobacteria phage Y, Podoviridae
Enterobacteria phage ZG/1, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage ZG/3A, Siphoviridae
Enterobacteria phage ZIK/ 1, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage ZJ/1, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage ZL/3, Leviviridae
Enterobacteria phage ZS/3, Leviviridae
Enypia venata NPV, Baculoviridae
Enytus montanus virus, Polydnaviridae
Epargyreus clarus NPV, Baculoviridae
Ephestia elutella NPV, Baculoviridae
Epinotia aporema GV, Baculoviridae
Epiphyas postvittana NPV, Baculoviridae
Epizootic hemorrhagic disease viruses 1 to 10, Reoviridae
Epsilon virus, Tetraviridae
Epstein-Barr virus, Herpesviridae
Equid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Equid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Equid herpesvirus 3, Nerpesviridae
Equid herpesvirus 4, Herpesviridae
Equid herpesvirus 5, Herpesviridae
Equid herpesvirus 6, Herpesviridae
Equid herpesvirus 7, Herpesviridae
Equid herpesvirus 8, Herpesviridae
Equine abortion herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Equine adeno-associated virus, Parvoviridae
Equine adenovirus 1, Adenoviridae
Equine arteritis virus, Arterivirus
Equine cytomegalovirus, Herpesviridae
Equine encephalosis viruses 1 to 7, Reoviridae
Equine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Equine herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Equine herpesvirus 4, Herpesviridae
Equine herpesvirus 5, Herpesviridae
Equine infectious anemia virus, Retroviridae
Equine papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Equine rhinopneumonitis virus, Herpesviridae
Equine rhinovirus 1, Picornaviridae
Equine rhinovirus 2, Picornaviridae
Equine rhinovirus 3, Picornaviridae
Erannis ankeraria NPV, Baculoviridae
Erannis defoliaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Erannis tiliaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Erannis vancouverensis NPV, Baculoviridae
Eratmapodites quinquevittatus NPV, Baculoviridae
Eret-147 virus, Bunyaviridae
Eriborus terebrans virus, Polydnaviridae
Erinaceid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Erinnyis ello NPV, Baculoviridae
Eriogaster lanestris cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Eriogaster lanestris cypovirus 6, Reoviridae
Eriogyna pyretorum NPV, Baculoviridae
Erve virus, Bunyaviridae
Erysimum latent virus, Tymovirus
Esocid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Essaouira virus, Reoviridae
Estero Real virus, Bunyaviridae
Estigmene acrea GV, Baculoviridae
Estigmene acrea NPV, Baculoviridae
Eubenangee virus, Reoviridae
Eucocystis meeki virus, Tetraviridae
Euonymus fasciation virus, Rhabdoviridae
Euonymus moscuc virus, Carlavirus
Eupatorium yellow vein virus, Geminiviridae
Euphorbia mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Euphorbia ringspot virus, Potyviridae
Eupithecia annulata NPV, Baculoviridae
Eupithecia longipalpata NPV, Baculoviridae
Euplexia lucipara GV, Baculoviridae
Euploea corea virus, Tetraviridae
Euproctis bipunctapex NPV, Baculoviridae
Euproctis chrysorrhoea NPV, Baculoviridae
Euproctis flava NPV, Baculoviridae
Euproctis flavinata NPV, Baculoviridae
Euproctis karghalica NPV, Baculoviridae
Euproctis pseudoconspersa NPV, Baculoviridae
Euproctis similis NPV, Baculoviridae
Euproctis subflava NPV, Baculoviridae
Eupsilia satellitia GV, Baculoviridae
European bat virus 1, Rhabdoviridae
European bat virus 2, Rhabdoviridae
European brown hare syndrome virus, Caliciviridae
European elk papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
European ground squirrel cytomegalovirus, Herpesviridae
European hedgehog herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
European wheat striate mosaic virus, Tenuivirus
Euthyatira pudens NPV, Baculoviridae
Euxoa auxiliaris densovirus, Parvoviridae
Euxoa auxiliaris GV, Baculoviridae
Euxoa auxiliaris NPV, Baculoviridae
Euxoa messoria GV, Baculoviridae
Euxoa messoria NPV, Baculoviridae
Euxoa ochrogaster GV, Baculoviridae
Euxoa ochrogaster NPV, Baculoviridae
Euxoa scandens cypovirus 5, Reoviridae
Euxoa scandens NPV, Baculoviridae
Everglades virus, Togaviridae
Exartema appendiceum GV, Baculoviridae
Eyach virus, Reoviridae

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Facey's Paddock virus, Bunyaviridae
Falcon inclusion body disease, Herpesviridae
Falconid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Farallon virus, Bunyaviridae
Felid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Feline calicivirus, Caliciviridae
Feline herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Feline imrnunodeficiency virus, Retroviridae
Feline infectious peritonitis virus, Coronaviridae
Feline leukemia virus, Retroviridae
Feline parlleukopenia virus, Parvoviridae
Feline parvovirus, Parvoviridae
feline syncytial virus, Retroviridae
Feline viral rhinotracheitis virus, Herpesviridae
Feltia subterranea GV, Baculoviridae
Feralia jacosa NPV, Baculoviridae
Fescue cryptic virus, Partitiviridae
Festuca leaf streak virus, Rhabdoviridae
Festuca necrosis virus, Closterovirus
Fetal rhesus kidney virus, Papovaviridae
Ficus carica virus, Potyviridae
Field mouse herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Fig virus S, Carlavirus
Figulus subleavis entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Figwort mosaic virus, Caulimovirus
Fiji disease virus, Reoviridae
Filaree red leaf virus, Luteovirus
Fin V-707 virus, Bunyaviridae
Finger rnillet mosaic virus, Rhabdoviridae
Finkel-Biskis-Jinkins murine sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Flanders virus, Rhabdoviridae
Flexal virus, Arenaviridae
Flock house virus, Nodaviridae
Flounder virus, Iridoviridae
Foot-and-mouth disease virus A, Picornaviridae
Foot-and-mouth disease virus ASIA 1, Picornaviridae
Foot-and-mouth disease virus C, Picornaviridae
Foot-and-mouth disease virus O, Picornaviridae
Foot-and-mouth disease virus SAT 1, Picornaviridae
Foot-and-mouth disease virus SAT 2, Picornaviridae
Foot-and-mouth disease virus SAT 3, Picornaviridae
Forecariah virus, Bunyaviridae
Fort Morgan virus, Togaviridae
Fort Sherman virus, Bunyaviridae
Foula virus, Reoviridae
Fowl adenoviruses 1 to 12, Adenoviridae
Fowl calicivirus, Caliciviridae
Fowlpox virus, Poxviridae
Foxtail mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Frangipani mosaic virus, Tobamoviridae
Fraser Point virus, Bunyaviridae
Freesia mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Friend murine leukemia virus, Retroviridae
Frijoles virus, Bunyaviridae
Frog herpesvirus 4, Herpesviridae
Frog virus 1, Iridoviridae
Frog virus 2, Iridoviridae
Frog virus 3, Iridovirtdae
Frog virus L2, Iridoviridae
Frog virus L4, Iridoviridae
Frog virus L5, Iridoviridae
Frog viruses 5 to 24, Iridoviridae
Fromede virus, Reoviridae
Fuchsia latent virus, Carlavirus
Fujinami sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Fukuoka virus, Rhabdoviridae
Furcraea necrotic streak virus, Dianthovirus

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Gabek Forest virus, Bunyaviridae
Gadget's Gully virus, Flaviviridae
Gaeumannomyces graminis virus 019/6-A, Partitiviridae
Gaeumannomyces graminis virus 45/101-C, Unassigned
Gaeumannomyces graminis virus 87-1-H, Totiviridae
Gaeumannomyces graminis virus T1-A, Partitiviridae
Galinsoga mosaic virus, Tombusviridae
Galleria mellonella densovirus, Parvoviridae
Galleria mellonella MNPV, Baculoviridae
Gallid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Gallid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Gallid herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Gamboa virus, Bunyaviridae
Gan Gan virus, Bunyaviridae
Garba virus, Rhabdoviridae
Gardner-Arnstein feline sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Garland chrysanthemum temperate virus, Partitiviridae
Garlic common latent virus, Carlavirus
Garlic mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Garlic viruses A, B, C, D, Unassigned
Garlic yellow streak vims, Potyviridae
Gastropacha quercifolia NPV, Baculoviridae
Gentiana virus, Carlavirus
Geochelone carbonaria herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Geochelone chilensis herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Geotrupes sylvaticus entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Gerbera symptomless virus, Rhabdoviridae
Germiston virus, Bunyaviridae
Getah virus, Togaviridae
Giardia lamblia virus, Totiviridae
Gibbon ape leukemia virus, Retroviridae
Ginger chlorotic fleckvirus, Sobemovirus
Glena bisulca GV, Baculoviridae
Gloriosa stripe mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Glycine mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Glycine mottle virus, Tombusviridae
Glypta fumiferanae virus, Polydnaviridae
Glypta sp. virus, Polydnaviridae
Glyptapanteles flavicoxis virus, Polydnaviridae
Glyptapanteles indiensis virus, Polydnaviridae
Glyptapanteles liparidis virus, Polydnaviridae
Goat herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Goatpox virus, Poxviridae
Goeldichironomus holoprasimus entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Golden shiner reovirus, Reoviridae
Goldfish virus 1, Iridoviridae
Goldfish virus 2, Iridoviridae
Gomoka virus, Reoviridae
Gomphrena virus, Rhabdoviridae
Gonometa rufibrunnea cypovirus 3, Reoviridae
Gonometa virus, Picornaviridae
Goose adenoviruses 1 to 3, Adenoviridae
Goose parvovirus, Parvoviridae
Gordil virus, Bunyaviridae
Gorilla herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Gossas virus, Rhabdoviridae
Grand Arbaud virus, Bunyaviridae
Grapevine ajinashika virus, Luteovirus
Grapevine Algerian latent virus, Tombusviridae
Grapevine Bulgarian latent virus, Comoviridae
Grapevine Bulgarian latent virus satellite, Satellites
Grapevine chrome mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Grapevine corky bark-associated virus, Closterovirus
Grapevine fanleaf virus, Comoviridae
Grapevine fanleaf virus satellite, SatelliteS
Grapevine fleck virus, Unassigned
Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 1, Closterovirus
Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 2, Closterovirus
Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3, Closterovirus
Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 4, Closterovirus
Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 5, Closterovirus
Grapevine Tunisian ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Grapevine virusA, Trichovirus
Grapevine virus B, Trichovirus
Grapevine yellow speckle viroid 1, Viroids
Grapevine yellow speclGrapholitha molesta GV, Baculoviridae
Grass carp reovirus, Reoviridae
Grass carp rhabdovirus, Rhabdoviridae
Gray Lodge virus, Rhabdoviridae
Gray patch disease agent of green sea turtle, Herpesviridae
Great Island virus, Reoviridae
Great Saltee Island virus, Reoviridae
Great Saltee virus, Bunyaviridae
Green iguana herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Green lizard herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Grey kangaroopox virus, Poxviridae
Grimsey virus, Reoviridae
Griselda radicana GV, Baculoviridae
Ground squirrel hepatitis B virus, Hepadnaviridae
Groundnut crinkle virus, Carlavirus
Groundnut eyespot virus, Potyviridae
Groundnut rosette assistor virus, Luteovirus
Groundnut rosette virus, Umbravirus
Groundnut rosette virus satellite, Satellites
GroupA rotaviruses, Reoviridae
Group B rotaviruses, Reoviridae
Group C rotaviruses, Reoviridae
Group D rotaviruses, Reoviridae
Group E rotaviruses, Reoviridae
Group F rotaviruses, Reoviridae
Gruid herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
GU71U-344 virus, Bunyaviridae
GU71U-350 virus, Bunyaviridae
Guajara virus, Bunyaviridae
Guama virus, Bunyaviridae
Guanarito virus, Arenaviridae
Guar symptomless virus, Potyviridae
Guaratuba virus, Bunyaviridae
Guaroa virus, Bunyaviridae
Guinea grass mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Guinea pig cytomegalovirus, Herpesviridae
Guinea pig herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Guinea pig herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Guinea pig t, vpe C oncovirus, Retroviridae
Gumbo Limbo virus, Bunyaviridae
Gurupi virus, Reoviridae
Gynura latent virus, Carlavirus
Gypsy moth virus, Nodaviridae

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H-1 virus, Parvoviridae
H32580 virus, Bunyaviridae
Habenaria mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Hadena basilinea GV, Baculoviridae
Hadena sordida GV, Baculoviridae
Hadena sordida NPV, Baculoviridae
Halisidota argentata NPV, Baculoviridae
Halisidota caryae NPV, Baculoviridae
Hamster herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Hamster polyomavirus, Papovaviridae
Hantaan virus, Bunyaviridae
Hanzalova virus, Flaviviridae
Harbor seal herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Hard clam reovirus, Reoviridae
Hardy-Zuckerman feline sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Hare fibroma virus, Poxviridae
Harrisina brillians GV, Baculoviridae
Hart Park virus, Rhabdoviridae
Hartebeest herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Harvey murine sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Hazara virus, Bunyaviridae
HB virus, Parvoviridae
Heleniurn virus S, Carlavirus
Heleniurn virus Y, Potyviridae
Helicoverpa arrnigera stunt virus, Tetraviridae
Helicoverpa armisgera GV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa arrnisgera NPV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa assulta NPV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa obtectus NPV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa paradoxa NPV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa peltigera NPV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa phloxiphaga NPV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa punctigera GV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa punctigera NPV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa rubrescens NPV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa subflexa NPV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa virescens NPV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa zea GV, Baculoviridae
Helicoverpa zea SNPV, Baculoviridae
Heliothis arrnigera cypovirus 11, Reoviridae
Heliothis armigera cypovirus 5, Reoviridae
Heliothis arrnigera cypovirus 8, Reoviridae
Heliothis zea cypovirus 11, Reoviridae
Heliothis zea virus 1, Unassigned
Helleborus mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Helminthosporiurn maydis virus, Unassigned
Helminthosporium victoriae virus 145S, Partitiviridae
Helminthosporium victoriae virus 1, Unassigned
Hemerobius stigma NPV, Baculoviridae
Hemichroa crocea NPV, Baculoviridae
Hemileuca eglanterina GV, Baculoviridae
Hemileuca eglanterina NPV, Baculoviridae
Hemileuca maia NPV, Baculoviridae
Hemileuca oliviae GV, Baculoviridae
Hemileuca oliviae NPV, Baculoviridae
Hemileuca tricolor NPV, Baculoviridae
Henbane mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Hepatitis A virus, Picornaviridae
Hepatitis B virus, Hepadnaviridae
Hepatitis C virus, Flaviviridae
Herpesvirus M, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus papio, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus platyrrhinae type, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus pottos, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus saimiri 2, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus salmonis, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus sanguinus, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus scophthalmus, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus sylvilagus, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus T, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus tarnarinus, Herpesviridae
Hesperumia sulphuraria NPV, Baculoviridae
Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus, Tombusviridae
Hibiscus latent ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Highlands J virus, Togaviridae
Hippeastrum latent virus, Carlavirus
Hippeastrum mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Hippotion eson NPV, Baculoviridae
Hirame rhabdovirus, Rhabdoviridae
Hog cholera virus, Flaviviridae
HoJo virus, Bunyaviridae
Holcus lanatus yellowing virus, Rhabdoviridae
Holcus streak virus, Potyviridae
Homona coffearia GV, Baculoviridae
Homona magnanima GV, Baculoviridae
Homona magnanima NPV, Baculoviridae
Honeysuckle latent virus, Carlavirus
Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Hop latent viroid, Viroids
hop latent virus, Carlavirus
Hop mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Hop stunt viroid, Viroids
Hop trefoil cryptic virus 1, Partitiviridae
Hop trefoil cryptic virus 2, Partitiviridae
Hop trefoil cryptic virus 3, Partitiviridae
Hoplodrina ambigua NPV, Baculoviridae
Hordeum mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Horsegram yellow mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Horseradish latent virus, Caulimovirus
Hepatitis delta virus, Satellites, Deltavirus
Hsiung Kaplow herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Hepatitis E virus, Caliciviridae
Hepatopancreatic parvo-like virus of shrimps, Parvoviridae
Heracleum latent virus, Trichovirus
Heracleum virus 6, Closterovirus
Heron hepatitis B virus, Hepadnaviridae
Herpes ateles 2, Herpesviridae
Herpes simiae virus, Herpesviridae
Herpes simplex virus 1, Herpesviridae
Herpes simplex virus 2, Herpesviridae
Herpes virus B, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus aotus 1, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus aotus 3, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus ateles strain 73, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus cuniculi, Herpesviridae
Herpesvirus cyclopsis, Herpesviridae
Huacho virus, Reoviridae
Hughes virus, Bunyaviridae
Human adenoviruses 1 to 47, Adenoviridae
Human astrovirus 1, Astroviridae
Human astrovirus 2, Astroviridae
Human astrovirus 3, Astroviridae
Human astrovirus 4, Astroviridae
Human astrovirus 5, Astroviridae
Human calicivirus, Caliciviridae
Human caliciviruses, Caliciviridae
Human coronavirus 229E, Coronaviridae
Human coronavirus OC43, Coronaviridae
Human coxsackievirusA 1 to 22, Picornaviridae
Human coxsackievirus A 24, Picornaviridae
Human coxsackievirus B 1 to 6, Picornaviridae
Human cytomegalovirus, Herpesviridae
Human echovirus 1 to 7, Picornaviridae
Human echovirus 11 to 27, Picornaviridae
Human echovirus 29 to 33, Picornaviridae
Human echovirus 9, Picornaviridae
Human enterovirus 68 to 71, Picornaviridae
Human foamy virus, Retroviridae
Human herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Human herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Human herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Human herpesvirus 4, Nerpesviridae
Human herpesvirus 5, Herpesviridae
Human herpesvirus 6, Herpesviridae
Human herpesvirus 7, Herpesviridae
Human immunodeficiency virus 1, Retroviridae
Human immunodeficiency virus 2, Retroviridae
Human papillomavirus 11, Papovaviridae
Human papillomavirus 16, Papovaviridae
Humanpapillomavirus 18, Papovaviridae
Human papillomavirus 31, Papovaviridae
Human papillomavirus 33, Papovaviridae
Human papillomavirus 5, Papovaviridae
Human papillomavirus 6b, Papovaviridae
Human papillomavirus 8, Papovaviridae
Human papillomavirus la, Papovaviridae
Human parainfluenza virus 1, Paramyxoviridae
Human parainfluenza virus 2, Paramyxoviridae
Human parainfluenza virus 3, Paramyxoviridae
Human parainfluenza virus 4a, Paramyxoviridae
Human parainfluenza virus 4b, Paramyxoviridae
Human poliovirus 1, Picornaviridae
Human poliovirus 2, Picornaviridae
Human poliovirus 3, Picornaviridae
Human respiratory syncytial virus, Paramyxoviridae
Human rhinovirus 1 to 100, Picornaviridae
Human rhinovirus 1A, Picornaviridae
Human spumavirus, Retroviridae
Human T-lymphotropic virus 1, Retroviridae
Human T-lymphotropic virus 2, Retroviridae
Humpty Doo virus, Rhabdoviridae
Humulus japonicus virus, Bromoviridae
Hungarian datura innoxia virus, Potyviridae
HV-114 virus, Bunyaviridae
Hyacinth mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Hyalophora cecropia NPV, Baculoviridae
Hyalophora cecropia virus, Tetraviridae
Hydra viridis Chlorella virus 1, Phycodnaviridae
Hydra viridis Chlorella virus 2, Phycodnaviridae
Hydra viridis Chlorella virus 3, Phycodnaviridae
Hydrangea latent virus, Carlavirus
Hydrangea mosaic virus, Bromoviridae
Hydrangea ringspot virus, Potexvirus
Hydria prunivora GV, Baculoviridae
Hydriomena irata NPV, Baculoviridae
Hydriomena nubilofasciata NPV, Baculoviridae
Hyles euphorbiae NPV, Baculoviridae
Hyles gallii NPV, Baculoviridae
Hyles lineata NPV, Baculoviridae
Hylesia nigricans NPV, Baculoviridae
Hyloicus pinastri cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Hyloicus pinastri NPV, Baculoviridae
Hyperetis amicaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Hyphantria cunea GV, Baculoviridae
Hyphantria cunea NPV, Baculoviridae
Hyphorma minax NPV, Baculoviridae
Hypochoeris mosaic virus, Furovirus
Hypocrita jacobeae NPV, Baculoviridae
Hypocrita jacobeae virus, Tetraviridae
Hypomicrogaster canadensis virus, Polydnaviridae
Hypomicrogaster ectdytolophae virus, Polydnaviridae
Hyposoter annulipes virus, Polydnaviridae
Hyposoter exiguae virus, Polydnaviridae
Hyposoter fugitivus virus, Polydnaviridae
Hyposoter lymantriae virus, Polydnaviridae
Hyposoter pilosulus virus, Polydnaviridae
Hyposoter rivalis virus, Polydnaviridae
hypovirulence-associated virus, Hypoviridae
Hypr virus, Flaviviridae

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Iaco virus, Bunyaviridae
lbaraki virus, Reoviridae
Icoaraci virus, Bunyaviridae
Ictalurid herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Ieri virus, Reoviridae
Ife virus, Reoviridae
Iguanid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Ilesha virus, Bunyaviridae
Ilheus virus, Flaviviridae
Ilragoides fasciata NPV, Baculoviridae
Impatiens latent virus, Carlavirus
Impatiens necrotic spot virus, Bunyaviridae
Inachis io cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Inachis io NPV, Baculoviridae
Inclusion body rhinitis virus, Herpesviridae
Indian cassava mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Indian cobra herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Indian pepper mottle virus, Potyviridae
Indonesian soybean dwarf virus, Luteovirus
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, Herpesviridae
Infectious bursal disease virus, Birnaviridae
Infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus, Rhabdoviridae
Infectious laryngotracheitis virus, Herpesviridae
Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus, Birnavirzdae
InfluenzaA virus (A/PR/8/34(H1N1)), Orthomyxoviridae
Influenza B virus (B/Lee/40), Orthomyxoviridae
Influenza C virus (C/California/78), Orthomyxovirzdae
Ingwavuma virus, Bunyaviridae
Inini virus, Bunyaviridae
Inkoo virus, Bunyaviridae
Inner Farne virus, Reoviridae
Insect iridescent virus 1, Iridoviridae
Insect iridescent virus 10, Iridoviridae
Insect iridescent virus 2, Iridoviridae
Insect iridescent virus 6, Iridoviridae
Insect iridescent virus 7, Iridoviridae
Insect iridescent virus 8, Iridoviridae
Insect iridescent virus 9, Iridoviridae
Insect iridescent viruses 11 to 15, Iridoviridae
Insect iridescent viruses 16 to 32, Iridoviridae
Insect iridescent viruses 3 to 5, Iridoviridae
Ippy virus, Arenaviridae
Iridescent virus type 3, Iridoviridae
Iris fulva mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Iris germanica leaf stripe virus, Rhabdoviridae
Iris mild mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Iris severe mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Irituia virus, Reoviridae
Isachne mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Isfahan virus, Rhabdoviridae
Israel turkey meningoencephalitis virus, Flaviviridae
Issyk-Kul virus, Bunyaviridae
Itaituba virus, Bunyaviridae
Itaporanga virus, Bunyaviridae
Itaqui virus, Bunyaviridae
Itimirirn virus, Bunyaviridae
Itupiranga virus, Reoviridae
Ivela auripes NPV, Baculoviridae
Ivela ochropoda NPV, Baculoviridae
Ivy vein clearing virus, Rhabdoviridae

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Jaagsiekte virus, Retroviridae
Jacareacanga virus, Reoviridae
Jamanxi virus, Reoviridae
Jamestown Canyon virus, Bunyaviridae
Jankowskia athleta NPV, Baculoviridae
Japanaut virus, Reoviridae
Japanese encephalitis virus, Flaviviridae
Jari virus, Reoviridae
Jatropha mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
JC virus, Papovaviridae
Joa virus, Bunyaviridae
Johnsongrass mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Joinjakaka virus, Rhabdoviridae
jonquil mild mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Juan Diaz virus, Bunyaviridae
Jugra virus, Flaviviridae
Juncopox virus, Poxviridae
Junin virus, Arenaviridae
Junonia coenia densovirus, Parvoviridae
Junonia coenia GV, Baculoviridae
Junonia coenia NPV, Baculoviridae
Jurona virus, Rhabdoviridae
Jutiapa virus, Flaviviridae

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K virus, Papovaviridae
K27 virus, Bunyaviridae
Kachemak Bay virus, Bunyaviridae
Kadarn virus, Flaviviridae
Kaeng Khoi virus, Bunyaviridae
Kaikalur virus, Bunyaviridae
Kairi virus, Bunyaviridae
Kaisodi virus, Bunyaviridae
Kala Iris virus, Reoviridae
Kalanchoe latent virus, Carlavirus
Kalanchoe top-spotting virus, Badnavirus
Kamese virus, Rhabdoviridae
Karnmavanpettai virus, Reoviridae
Kannamangalam virus, Rhabdoviridae
Kao Shuan virus, Bunyaviridae
Karimabad virus, Bunyaviridae
Karshi virus, Flaviviridae
Kasba virus, Reoviridae
Kasokero virus, Bunyaviridae
Kedougou virus, Flaviviridae
Kemerovo virus, Reoviridae
Kenai virus, Reoviridae
Kennedya virus Y, Potyviridae
Kennedya yellow mosaic virus, Tymovirus
Kern Canyon Yirus, Rhabdoviridae
Ketapang virus, Bunyaviridae
Keterah virus, Bunyaviridae
Keuraliba virus, Rhabdoviridae
Keystone virus, Bunyaviridae
Kharagysh virus, Reoviridae
Khasan virus, Bunyaviridae
Kilham rat virus, Parvoviridae
Kimberley virus, Rhabdoviridae
Kindia virus, Reoviridae
Kinkajou herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Kirsten murine sarcoma yirus, Retroviridae
Kismayo virus, Bunyaviridae
Klamath virus, Rhabdoviridae
Kokobera virus, Flaviviridae
Kolongo virus, Rhabdoviridae
konjac mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Koolpinyah virus, Rhabdoviridae
Koongol virus, Bunyaviridae
Kotonkan virus, Rhabdoviridae
Koutango virus, Flaviviridae
Kowanyama virus, Bunyaviridae
Kumlinge virus, Flaviviridae
Kunjin virus, Flaviviridae
Kwatta virus, Rhabdoviridae
Kyasanur forest disease virus, Flaviviridae
Kyuri green mottle mosaic virus, Tobamoviridae
Kyzylagach virus, Togaviridae

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La Crosse virus, Bunyaviridae
La Joya virus, Rhabdoviridae
La-Piedad-Michoacan-Mexico virus, Paramyxoviridae
Lacanobia oleracea cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Lacanobia oleracea GV, Baculoviridae
Lacanobia oleracea NPV, Baculoviridae
Lacertid herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Lactate dehydrogenase-elevating virus, Arterivirus
Lactobacillus phage lb6, Siphoviridae
Lactobacillus phage 222a, Myoviridae
Lactobacillus phage 223, Siphoviridae
Lactobacillus phage fFSW, Siphoviridae
Lactobacillus phage fri, Myoviridae
Lactobacillus phage hv, Myoviridae
Lactobacillus phage hw, Myoviridae
Lactobacillus phage PL-1, Siphoviridae
Lactobacillus phage y5, Siphoviridae
Lactococcus phage 1358, Siphoviridae
Lactococcus phage 1483, Siphoviridae
Lactococcus phage 936, Siphoviridae
Lactococcus phage 949, Siphoviridae
Lactococcus phage BK5-T, Siphoviridae
Lactococcus phage c2, Siphoviridae
Lactococcus phage KSY1, Podoviridae
Lactococcus phage P107, Siphoviridae
Lactococcus phage P335, Siphoviridae
Lactococcus phage PO34, Podoviridae
Lactococcus phage PO87, Siphoviridae
Laelia red leafspot virus, Rhabdoviridae
LaFrance isometric virus, Unassigned
Lagos bat virus, Rhabdoviridae
Lake Clarendon virus, Reoviridae
Lake Victoria cormorant herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Lambdina fiscellaria GV, Baculoviridae
Lambdina fiscellaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Lambdoid phage PD328, Siphoviridae
Lambdoid phage HK022, Siphoviridae
Lambdoid phage HK97, Siphoviridae
Lambdoid phage 0S0, Siphoviridae
Lambdoid phage PA-2, Siphoviridae
Lamium mild mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Landjia virus, Rhabdoviridae
Landlocked salmon reovirus, Reoviridae
Langat virus, Ftaviviridae
Langur virus, Retroviridae
Lanjan virus, Bunyaviridae
Laothoe populi NPV, Baculoviridae
Lapine parvovirus, Parvoviridae
Las Maloyas virus, Bunyaviridae
Lasiocampa quercus cypovirus 6, Reoviridae
Lasiocampa quercus NPV, Baculoviridae
Lasiocampa trifolii NPV, Baculoviridae
Lassa virus, Arenaviridae
Lathronympha phaseoli GV, Baculoviridae
Lato river virus, Tombusviridae
Launea arborescens stunt virus, Rhabdoviridae
Le Dantec virus, Rhabdoviridae
Leanyer virus, Bunyaviridae
Lebeda nobilis NPV, Baculoviridae
Lebombo virus, Reoviridae
Lechriolepis basirufa NPV, Baculoviridae
Lednice virus, Bunyaviridae
Lee virus, Bunyaviridae
Leek yellow stripe virus, Potyviridae
Legume yellows virus, Luteovirus
Leishmania RNA virus 1-1, Totiviridae
Leishmania RNA virus 1-10, Totiviridae
Leishmania RNA virus 1-11, Totiviridae
Leishmania RNA virus 1-2, Totiviridae
Leishmania RNA virus 1-3, Totivitidae
Leishmania RNA virus 1-4, Totivitidae
Leishmania RNA virus 1-5, Totiviridae
Leishmania RNA virus 1-6, Totivitidae
Leishmania RNA virus 1-7, Totivitidae
Leishmania RNA virus 1-8, Totiviridae
Leishmania RNA virus 1-9, Totivitidae
Leishmania RNA virus 2-1, Totiviridae
Lemon scented thyme leaf chlorosis virus, Rhabdoviridae
Lentinus edodes virus, Unassigned
Leporid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Leporid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Leshmania RNA virus 1-12, Totiviridae
Lettuce infectious yellows virus, Closterovirus
Lettuce mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Lettuce necrotic yellows virus, R1zabdoviridae
Lettuce speckles mottle virus, Umbravirus
Leucoma candida NPV, Baculoviridae
Leucoma salicis NPV, Baculoviridae
Leuconostoc phage pro2, Siphoviridae
Leucorrhinia dubia densovirus, Parvoviridae
Lilac chlorotic leafspot virus, Capillovirus
Lilac mottle virus, Carlavirus
Lilac ring mottle virus, Bromoviridae
Lilac ringspot vinls, Carlavirus
Lily mild mottle virus, Potyviridae
Lily mottle virus, Potyviridae
Lily symptomless virus, Carlavirus
Lily virus X, Potexvirus
Limabean golden mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Lipovnik virus, Reoviridae
Lisianthus necrosis virus, Necrovirus
Lissonota sp. virus, Polydnaviridae
Listeria phage 2389, Siphoviridae
Listeria phage 2671, Siphoviridae
Listeria phage 2685, Siphoviridae
Listeria phage 4211, Myoviridae
Listena phage H387, Siphoviridae
Liverpool vervet monkey virus, Herpesviridae
Llano Seco virus, Reoviridae
Lobesia botrana GV, Baculoviridae
Locusta migratona entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Lokem virus, Bunyaviridae
Lolium ryegrass virus, Rhabdoviridae
Lone Star virus, Bunyaviridae
Lophopteryx camelina NPV, Baculoviridae
Lorisine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Lotus stem necrosis, Rhabdoviridae
Louping ill virus, Flauiviridae
Loxostege sticticalis GV, Baculoviridae
Loxostege sticticalis NPV, Baculoviridae
LucemeAustralian latent virus, Comouiridae
LucerneAustralian symptomless virus, Comoviridae
Lucerne enation virus, Rhabdoviridae
Lucerne transient streak virus, Sobemovirus
Luceme transient streak virus satellite, Satellites
Lucke frog herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Luehdorfia japonica NPV, Baculoviridae
Lum virus, Parvoviridae
Lukuni virus, Bunyaviridae
Lumpy skin disease virus, Poxviridae
Lundy virus, Reoviridae
Lupin leaf curl virus, Geminiviridae
Lupin yellow vein virus, Rhabdoviridae
Lychnis virus, Potexvirus lychnis ringspot virus, Hordeivirus
Lyrnantria dispar cypovirus 1, Reoviridae
Lymantria dispar cypovirus 11, Reoviridae
Lymantria dispar MNPV, Baculoviridae
Lymantria dispar NPV, Baculoviridae
Lymantria dissoluta NPV, Baculoviridae
Lymantria dubia densovirus, Parvoviridae
Lyrnantria fumida NPV, Baculoviridae
Lymantria incerta NPV, Baculoviridae
Lymantria mathura NPV, Baculoviridae
Lymantria monacha NPV, Baculoviridae
Lvrnantria ninayi NPV, Baculoviridae
Lymantria ninayi virus, Tetraviridae
Lymantria obfuscata NPV, Baculoviridae
Lymantria violaswinhol NPV, Baculoviridae
Lymantria xylina NPV, Baculoviridae
Lymphocystis disease virus, Iridoviridae
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus, Arenaviridae

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M satellites of Ustilago maydis killer virus, Satellites
M satellites of yeast, Satellites Macaua virus, Bunyaviridae
Machupo virus, Arenaviridae
Maclura mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Macroglossum bombylans GV, Baculoviridae
Macropodid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Macropodid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Macrothylacia rubi NPV, Baculoviridae
Macrotyloma mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Madrid virus, Bunyaviridae
Maguari virus, Bunyaviridae
Mahasena miniscula NPV, Baculoviridae
Mahogany Hammock virus, Bunyaviridae
Main Drain virus, Bunyaviridae
Maize chlorotic dwarf virus, Sequiviridae
Maize chlorotic mottle virus, Machlomovirus
Maize dwarf mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Maize mosaic virus, Rhabdoviridae
Maize rayado fino virus, Marafivirus
Maize rough dwarf virus, Reoviridae
Maize sterile stunt virus, Rhabdoviridae
Maize streak virus, Geminiviridae
Maize stripe virus, Tenuivirus
Maize whiteline mosaic virus, Unassigned
Maize white line mosaic virus satellite, Satellites
Malacosoma alpicola NPV, Baculoviridae
Malacosoma americanum NPV, Baculoviridae
Malacosoma californicum NPV, Baculoviridae
Malacosoma disstria cypovirus 8, Reoviridae
Malacosoma neustria cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Malacosoma neustria cypovirus 3, Reoviridae
Malacsoma constrictum NPV, Baculoviridae
Malacsoma disstria NPV, Baculoviridae
Malacsoma fragile NPV, Baculoviridae
Malacsoma lutescens NPV, Baculoviridae
Malacsoma neustria NPV, Baculoviridae
Malacsoma pluviale GV, Baculoviridae
Malacsoma pluviale NPV, Baculoviridae
Malakal virus, Rhabdoviridae
Malignant catarrhal fever virus of European cattle, Herpesviridae
Malpais Spring virus, Rhabdoviridae
Malva silvestris virus, Rhabdoviridae
Malva vein clearing virus, Potyviridae
Malva veinal necrosis virus, Potexvirus
Malva yellows virus, Luteovinus
Malvaceous chlorosis virus, Geminiviridae
Mamestra brassicae cypovirus 11, Reoviridae
Mamestra brassicae cypovirus 12, Reoviridae
Mamestra brassicae cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Mamestra brassicae cypovirus 7, Reoviridae
Mamestra brassicae GV, Baculoviridae
Mamestra brassicae MNPV, Baculoviridae
Mamestra configurata GV, Baculoviridae
Mamestra configurata NPV, Baculoviridae
Mamestra suasa NPV, Baculoviridae
Manawa virus, Bunyaviridae
Manawatu virus, Nodaviridae
Manduca quinquemaculata GV, Baculoviridae
Manduca sexta GV, Baculoviridae
Manduca sexta NPV, Baculoviridae
Manitoba virus, Rhabdoviridae
Manzanilla virus, Bunyaviridae
Map turtle herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Mapputta virus, Bunyaviridae
Maprik virus, Bunyaviridae
Maraba virus, Rhabdoviridae
Maracuja mosaic virus, Tobamoviridae
Marburg virus, Filoviridae
Marco virus, Rhabdoviridae
Marek's disease herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Marek's disease herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Marigold mottle virus, Potyviridae
Marituba virus, Bunyaviridae
Marmodid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Marmoset cytomegalovirus, Herpesviridae
Marmoset herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Marmosetpox virus, Poxviridae
Marrakai virus, Reoviridae
Mason-Pfizer monkey virus, Retroviridae
Masou salmon reovirus, Reoviridae
Matruh virus, Bunyaviridae
Matucare virus, Reoviridae
Mayaro virus, Togaviridae
Mboke virus, Bunyaviridae
Meaban virus, Flaviviridae
Measles (Edmonston) virus, Paramyxoviridae
Medical Lake macaque herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Megalopyge opercularis GV, Baculoviridae
Melanchra persicariae GV, Baculoviridae
Melandrium yellow fleck virus, Bromoviridae
Melanolophia imitata NPV, Baculoviridae
Melanoplus sanguinipes entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Melao virus, Bunyaviridae
Meleagrid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Melilotus latent virus, Rhabdoviridae
Melilotus mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Melitaea didyma NPV, Baculoviridae
Melolontha melolontha entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Melon leaf curl virus, Geminiviridae
Melon necrotic spot virus, Tombusviridae
Melon variegation virus, Rhabdoviridae
Melon vein-banding mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Mengovirus, Picornaviridae
Mermet virus, Bunyaviridae
Merophyas divulsana NPV, Baculoviridae
Mesonura rufonota NPV, Baculoviridae
Mibuna temperate virus, Partitiviridae
Mice minute virus, Parvoviridae
Mice pneumotropic virus, Papovaviridae
Michigan alfalfa virus, Luteovirus
Micrococcus phage N1, Siphoviridae
Micrococcus phage N5, Siphoviridae
Microplitis croceipes virus, Polydnaviridae
Microplitis demolitor virus, Polydnaviridae
Microtus pennsylvanicus herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Middelburg virus, Togaviridae
Milk vetch dwarf virus, Lukovirus
Miller's nodule virus, Poxviridae
Mill Door virus, Reoviridae
Millet red leaf virus, Luteovirus
Mimosa bacilliform virus, Badnavirus
Minatitlan virus, Bunyaviridae
Mink calicivirus, Caliciviridae
Mink enteritis virus, Parvoviridae
Minnal virus, Reoviridae
Mirabilis mosaic virus, Caulimovirus
Mirim virus, Bunyaviridae
Miscanthus streak virus, Geminiviridae
Mitchell river virus, Reoviridae
Mobala virus, Arenaviridae
Modoc virus, Flaviviridae
Moju virus, Bunyaviridae
Mojui dos Campos virus, Bunyaviridae
Mokola virus, Rhabdoviridae
Mollicutes phage Brl, Myoviridae
Mollicutes phage C3, Podoviridae
Mollicutes phage L3, Podoviridae
Molluscum contagiosum virus, Poxviridae
Molluscum-likepox virus, Poxviridae
Moloney murine sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Moloney virus, Retroviridae
Moma champa NPV, Baculoviridae
Monkeypox virus, Poxviridae
Mono Lake virus, Reoviridae
Montana myotis leukoencephalitis virus, Flaviviridae
Monte Dourado virus, Reoviridae
Mopeia virus, Arenaviridae
Moriche virus, Bunyaviridae
Moroccan pepper virus, Tombusviridae
Moroccan watermelon mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Mosqueiro virus, Rhabdoviridae
Mosquito iridescent virus, Iridoviridae
Mossuril virus, Rhabdoviridae
Mount Elgon bat virus, Rhabdoviridae
Mouse cytomegalovirus 1, Herpesviridae
Mouse Elberfield virus, Picornaviridae
Mouse herpesvirus strain 68, Herpesviridae
Mouse mammary tumor virus, Retroviridae
Mouse thymic herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Movar herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Mucambo virus, Togaviridae
Mudjinbarry virus, Reoviridae
Muir Springs virus, Rhabdoviridae
Mulberry latent virus, Carlavirus
Mulberry ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Mule deerpox virus, Poxviridae
Multimammate mouse papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Mumps virus, Paramyxoviridae
Mungbean mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Mungbean mottle virus, Potyviridae
Mungbean yellow mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Munguba virus, Bunyaviridae
Murid herpesvirus, Nerpesviridae
Murid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Murid herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Murid herpesvirus 4, Herpesviridae
Murid herpesvirus 5, Herpesviridae
Murid herpesvirus 6, Herpesviridae
Murid herpesvirus 7, Herpesviridae
Murine adenovirus 2, Adenoviridae
Z murine adenovirus 1, Adenoviridae
Murine hepatitis virus, Coronaviridae
Murine herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Murine leukemia virus, Retroviridae
Murine parainfluenza virus 1, Paramyxoviridae
Murine poliovirus, Picornaviridae
Murine polyomavirus, Papovaviridae
Murray Valley encephalitis virus, Flaviviridae
Murre virus, Bunyaviridae
Murutucu virus, Bunyaviridae
Mushroom bacilliform virus, Barnaviridae
Mushroom virus 4, Partitiviridae
Muskmelon vein necrosis virus, Carlavirus
Muskmelon yellows virus, Closterovirus
Mycobacterium phage f17, Podoviridae
Mycobacterium phage I3, Myoviridae
Mycobacterium phage lacticola, Siphoviridae
Mycobacterium phage Leo, Siphoviridae
Mycobacterium phage R1-Myb, Siphoviridae
Mycogone perniciosa virus, Totiviridae
Mykines virus, Reoviridae
Mynahpox virus, Poxviridae
Myrobalan latent ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Myrobalan latent ringspot virus satellite, Satellites
Myrteta tinagmaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Myxoma virus, Poxviridae

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Nacoleia diemenalis GV, Baculoviridae
Nacoleia octosema NPV, Baculoviridae
Nadata gibbosa NPV, Baculoviridae
Nairobi sheep disease virus, Bunyaviridae
Nandina mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Nandina stem pitting virus, Capillovirus
Naranjal virus, Flaviviridae
Narcissus degeneration virus, Potyviridae
Narcissus late season yellows virus, Potyviridae
Narcissus latent virus, Potyviridae
Narcissus mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Narcissus tip necrosis virus, Tombusviridae
Narcissus yellow stripe virus, Potyviridae
Nasoule virus, Rhabdoviridae
Nasturtium mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Natada nararia GV, Baculoviridae
Navarro virus, Rhabdoviridae
Ndelle virus, Reoviridae
Ndumu virus, Togaviridae
Neckar river virus, Tombusviridae
Negishi virus, Flaviviridae
Negro coffee mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Nelson Bay virus, Reoviridae
Nematocampa filamentaria GV, Baculoviridae
Nematus olfaciens NPV, Baculoviridae
Neodiprion abietis NPV, Baculoviridae
Neodiprion excitans NPV, Baculoviridae
Neodiprion leconti NPV, Baculoviridae
Neodiprion nanultus NPV, Baculoviridae
Neodiprion pratti NPV, Baculoviridae
Neodiprion sertifer NPV, Baculoviridae
Neodiprion swainei NPV, Baculoviridae
Neodiprion taedae NPV, Baculoviridae
Neodiprion tsugae NPV, Baculoviridae
Neodiprion virginiana NPV, Baculoviridae
Neophasia menapia NPV, Baculoviridae
Neopheosia excurvata NPV, Baculoviridae
Nephelodes emmedonia GV, Baculoviridae
Nephelodes emmedonia NPV, Baculoviridae
Nepuyo virus, Bunyaviridae
Nepytia freemani NPV, Baculoviridae
Nepytia phantasmaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Nerine latent virus, Carlavirus
Nerine virus X, Potexvirus
Nerine virus, Potyviridae
Neudoerfl virus, Flaviviridae
New Minto virus, Rhabdoviridae
Newcastle disease virus, Paramyxoviridae
Newt viruses T6 to T20, Iridoviridae
Ngaingan virus, Rhabdoviridae
Ngari virus, Bunyaviridae
Ngoupe virus, Reoviridae
Nicotiana glutinosa stunt viroid, Viroids
Nile crocodilepox virus, Poxviridae
Nique virus, Bunyaviridae
Nkolbisson virus, Rhabdoviridae
Noctua pronuba cypovirus 7, Reoviridae
Noctua pronuba NPV, Baculoviridae
Nodamura virus, Nodaviridae
Nola virus, Bunyaviridae
North Clett virus, Reoviridae
North End virus, Reoviridae
Northern cereal mosaic virus, Rhabdoviridae
Northern pike herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Northway virus, Bunyaviridae
NorwaLk virus, Caliciviridae
Nothoscordum mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Ntaya virus, Flaviviridae
Nudaurelia capensis b virus, Tetraviridae
Nudaurelia capensis e virus, Tetraviridae
Nudaurelia capensis w virus, Tetraviridae
Nudaurelia cytherea cypovirus 8, Reoviridae
Nugget virus, Reoviridae
Nyabira virus, Reoviridae
Nyamanini virus, Unassigned
Nyando virus, Bunyaviridae
Nyctobia lirnitaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Nymphalis antiopa GV, Baculoviridae
Nymphalis antiopa NPV, Baculoviridae
Nymphalis polychloros NPV, Baculoviridae
Nymphula depunctalis MPV, Baculoviridae

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Oak-Vale virus, Rhabdoviridae
Oat blue dwarf virus, Marafivirus
Oat gdden stripe virus, Furovirus
Oat mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Oat necrotic mottle virus, Potyviridae
Oat sterile dwarf virus, Reoviridae
Oat striate mosaic virus, Rhabdoviridae
Obodhiang virus, Rhabdoviridae
Oceanside virus, Bunyaviridae
Ocinara varians NPV, Baculoviridae
Ockelbo virus, Togaviridae
Octopus vulgaris disease virus, Iridoviridae
Odontoglossurn ringspot virus, Tobamoviridae
Odrenisrou virus, Bunyaviridae
Oedaleus senegalensis entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Oita virus, Rhabdoviridae
Okhotskiy virus, Reoviridae
Okola virus, Bunyaviridae
Okra leaf curl virus, Geminiviridae
Okra mosaic virus, Tymovirus
Olesicampe benefactor virus, Polydnaviridae
Olesicampe geniculatae virus, Polydnaviridae
Olifantsvlei virus, Bunyaviridae
Olive latent ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Olive latent virus 1, Sobemovirus
Olive latent virus 2, Unassigned
Omo virus, Bunyaviridae
Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus, Flaviviridae
Onchorhynchus masou herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Onion yellow dwarf virus, Potyviridae
Ononis yellow mosaic virus, Tymovirus
O'nyong-nyong virus, Togaviridae
Operophtera bruceata NPV, Baculoviridae
Operophtera brumata cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Operophtera brumata cypovirus 3, Reoviridae
Operophtera brurnata entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Operophtera brumata NPV, Baculoviridae
Opisina arenosella NPV, Baculoviridae
Opisthograptis luteolata MPV, Baculoviridae
Oporinia autumnata NPV, Baculoviridae
Opsiphanes cassina NPV, Baculoviridae
Oraesia emarginata NPV, Baculoviridae
Orangutan herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Orchid fleck virus, Rhabdoviridae
Orf virus, Poxviridae
Orgyia anartoides MPV, Baculoviridae
Orgyia antiqua NPV, Baculoviridae
Orgyia australis NPV, Baculoviridae
Orgyia badia NPV, Baculoviridae
Orgyia gonostigma NPV, Baculoviridae
Orgyia leucostigma NPV, Baculoviridae
Orgyia postica NPV, Baculoviridae
Orgyia pseudosugata cypovirus 5, Reoviridae
Orgyia pseudosugata MNPV, Baculoviridae
Orgyia pseudosugata SNPV, Baculoviridae
Orgyia turbata NPV, Baculoviridae
Orgyia vetusta NPV, Baculoviridae
Oriboca virus, Bunyaviridae
Oriximina virus, Bunyaviridae
Ornithogalum mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Oropouche virus, Bunyaviridae
Orthosia hibisci NPV, Baculoviridae
Orthosia incerta NPV, Baculoviridae
Orungo virus 1 to 4, Reoviridae
Oryctes rhinoceros virus, Unassigned
Ossa virus, Bunyaviridae
Ostrinia nubilalis NPV, Baculoviridae
Ouango virus, Rhabdoviridae
Oubi virus, Bunyaviridae
Ourem virus, Reoviridae
Ourrnia melon virus, Unassigned
Ovine adeno-associated virus, Parvoviridae
Ovine adenoviruses 1 to 6, Adenoviridae
Ovine astrovirus 1, Astroviridae
Ovine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Ovine herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Ovine pulrnonary adenocarcinoma virus, Retroviridae
Owl hepatosplenitis herpesvirus, Herpesviridae

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P360 virus, Bunyaviridae
P4, Satellites
Pacheco's disease virus, Herpesviridae
Pachypasa capensis NPV, Baculoviridae
Pachypasa otus NPV, Baculoviridae
Pacific pond turtle herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Pacora virus, Bunyaviridae
Pacui virus, Bunyaviridae
Pahayokee virus, Bunyaviridae
Painted turtle herpesvirus, Eerpesviridae
Paleacrita vernata NPV, Baculoviridae
Palestina virus, Bunyaviridae
Palm mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Palyam virus, Reoviridae
Pan herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Panaxia dominula NPV, Baculoviridae
Pandemis heparana NPV, Baculoviridae
Pandemis lamprosana NPV, Baculoviridae
Pangola stunt virus, Leuteoviridae
Panicum mosaic virus, Sobemovirus
Panicum mosaic virus satellite, Satellites
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus IL5-2sl, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus M1, Phycodnaviridae
Panicum mosaic virus small satellite, Satellites
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus MAlD
Parlicum streak virus, Geminiviridae
Panolis flammea NPV, Baculoviridae
Pantana phyllostachysae NPV, Baculoviridae
Panthea portlandia NPV, Baculoviridae
Papaipema purpurifascia GV, Baculoviridae
Papaya leaf curl virus, Geminiviridae
Papaya leaf distortion mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Papaya mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Papaya ringspot virus, Potyviridae
Papilio daunis NPV, Baculoviridae
Papilio demoleus NPV, Baculoviridae
Papilio machaon cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Papilio podalirius NPV, Baculoviridae
Papilio polyxenes NPV, Baculoviridae
Papilio xuthus NPV, Baculoviridae
Papio Epstein-Barr herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Paprika mild mottle virus, Tobamoviridae
Para virus, Bunyaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virusA1, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virusALlA, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virusAL2A, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virusAL2C, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus B1, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus BJ2C, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus CAlA, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus CAlD, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus CA2A, Phycodnaviridae
Parameciurn bursaria Chlorella virus CA4A, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus CA4B, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus G1, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus IL2A, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus IL2B, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus IL3A, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus IL3D, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus MA1E, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NC1A, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NC1B, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NC1C, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NC1D, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NE-8D, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NE8A, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2B, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2C, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2F, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NYbl, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NYs, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus R1, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus SClA, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus SClB, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus SH6A, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus XY6E, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus XZ3A, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus XZ4A, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus XZ4C, Phycodnaviridae
Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus XZ5C, Phycodnaviridae
Pararnushir virus, Bunyaviridae
Parana virus, Arenaviridae
Parapoxvirus of red deer in New Zealand, Poxviridae
Parasa bicolor GV, Baculoviridae
Parasa consocia GV, Baculoviridae
Parasa corlsocia NPV, Baculoviridae
Parasa lepida GV, Baculoviridae
Parasa lepida NPV, Baculoviridae
Parasa sinica GV, Baculoviridae
Parasa sinica NPV, Baculoviridae
Paravaccinia virus, Poxviridae
Parietaria mottle virus, Bromoviridae
Parma wallaby herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Parnara guttata NPV, Baculoviridae
Parnara mathias NPV, Baculoviridae
Paroo river virus, Reoviridae
Parrot herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Parry Creek virus, Rhabdoviridae
Parsley virus, Rhabdoviridae
Parsley virus 5, Potexvirus
Parsnip mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Parsnip virus 3, Potexvirus
Parsnip virus 5, Potexvirus
Parsnip yellow fleck virusA421, Sequiviridae
Parsnip yellow fleck virus, Sequiviridae
Parvo-like virus of crabs, Parvoviridae
Paspalum striate mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Passiflora latent virus, Carlavirus
Passion fruit woodiness virus, Potyviridae
Passion fruit yellow mosaic virus, Tymovirus
Passion fruit mottle virus, Potyviridae
Passion fruit ringspot virus, Potyviridae
Pasteurella phage 22, Podoviridae
Pasteurella phage 32, Siphoviridae
Pasteurella phageAU, Myoviridae
Pasteurella phage C-2, Siphoviridae
Pata virus, Reoviridae
Patas monkey herpesvirus pH delta, Herpesviridae
Patchouli mottle virus, Potyviridae
Pathum Thani virus, Bunyaviridae
Patois virus, Bunyaviridae
Pea early-browning virus, Tobravirus
Pea enation mosaic virus, Enamovirus
Pea enation mosaic virus satellite, Satellites
Pea green mottle virus, Comoviridae
Pea leafroll virus, Luteoviruspea mild mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Pea mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Pea necrosis virus, Potyviridae
Pea seed-borne mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Pea streak virus, Carlavirus
Peach latent mosaic viroid, Viroids
Peach rosette mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Peacockpox virus, Poxviridae
Peanut chlorotic ring mottle virus, Potyviridae
Peanut chlorotic streak virus, Caulimovirus
Peanut clump virus, Furovirus
Peanut green mottle virus, Potyviridae
Peanut mild mottle virus, Potyviridae
Peanut mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Peanut mottle virus, Potyviridae
Peanut stripe virus, Potyriridae
Peanut stunt virus, Bromoviridae
Peanut stunt virus satellite, Satellites
Peanut yellow mosaic virus, Tymovirus
Pear blister canker viroid, Viroids
Peaton virus, Bunyaviridae
Pecteilis mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Pectinophora gossypiella cypovirus 11, Reoviridae
Pectinophora gossypiella NPV, Baculoviridae
Pelargonium flower break virus, Tombusviridae
Pelargonium leaf curl virus, Tombusviridae
Pelargonium vein clearing virus, Rhabdoviridae
Pelargonium zonate spot virus, Unassigned
Penguinpox virus, Poxviridae
Penicillium brevicompactum virus, Partitiviridae
Penicillium chrysogenum virus, Partitiviridae
Penicillium cyaneo-fulvum virus, Partitiviridae
Penicillium stoloniferum virus F, Partitiviridae
Penicillium stoloniferum virus S, Partitiviridae
Pepino latent virus, Carlavirus
Pepino mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Pepper huasteco virus, Geminiviridae
Pepper mild mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Pepper mild mottle virus, Tobamoviridae
Pepper mild tigre virus, Geminiviridae
Pepper mottle virus, Potyviridae
Pepper ringspot virus, Tobravirus
Pepper severe mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Pepper veinal mottle virus, Potyviridae
Percid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Perdicid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Peribatoides simpliciaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Pericallia ricini GV, Baculoviridae
Pericallia ricini NPV, Baculoviridae
Periconia circinata virus, Unassigned
Peridroma saucia GV, Baculoviridae
Peridroma saucia NPV, Baculoviridae
Perilla mottle virus, Potyviridae
Perinet virus, Rhabdoviridae
Periplanata fuliginosa densovirus, Parvoviridae
Pero behrensarius NPV, Baculoviridae
Pero mizon NPV, Baculoviridae
Persectania ewingii GV, Baculoviridae
Peru tomato mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Peste-des-petits-ruminants virus, Paramyxoviridae
Petevo virus, Reoviridae
Petunia asteroid mosaic virus, Tombusviridae
Petunia vein clearing virus, Caulimovirus
Phalacrocoracid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Phalaenopsis chlorotic spot virus, Rhabdoviridae
Phalera assimilis NPV, Baculoviridae
Phalera bucephala cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Phalera bucephala NPV, Baculoviridae
Phalera flavescens NPV, Baculoviridae
Phanerotoma flavitestacea virus, Polydnaviridae
Phauda flammans NPV, Baculoviridae
Pheasant adenovirus 1, Adenoviridae
Phialophora radicicola virus 2-2-A, Partitiviridae
Phigalia titea NPV, Baculoviridae
Philosarnia ricini virus, Tetraviridae
Phlogophera meticulosa cypovirus 3, Reoviridae
Phlogophora meticulosa cypovirus 8, Reoviridae
Phlogophora meticulosa NPV, Baculoviridae
Phnom-Penh bat virus, Flaviviridae
Phocid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Phocine (seal) distemper virus, Paramyxoviridae
Pholetesor ornigis virus, Polydnaviridae
Phragmatobia fuliginosa GV, Baculoviridae
Phryganidia californica NPV, Baculoviridae
Phthonosema tendinosaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Phthorimaea operculella GV, Baculoviridae
Phthorimaea operculella NPV, Baculoviridae
Physalis mild chlorosis virus, Luteovirus
Physalis mosaic virus, Tymovirus
Physalis vein blotch virus, Luteovirus
Pichinde virus, Arenaviridae
Picola virus, Reoviridae
Pieris brassicae granulovirus, Baculoviridae
Pieris melete GV, Baculoviridae
Pieris napi GV, Baculoviridae
Pieris rapae cypovirus 12, Reoviridae
Pieris rapae cypovirus 2, Reoviridae
Pieris rapae cypovirus 3, Reoviridae
Pieris rapae densovirus, Parvoviridae
Pieris rapae GV, Baculoviridae
Pieris rapae NPV, Baculoviridae
Pieris virginiensis GV, Baculoviridae
Pigeon herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Pigeon pea mosaic mottle viroid, Viroids
Pigeon pea proliferation virus, Rhabdoviridae
Pigeonpox virus, Poxviridae
Pike fry rhabdovirus, Rhabdoviridae
Pikonema dimmockii NPV, Baculoviridae
Pineapple chlorotic leaf streak virus, Rhabdoviridae
Pmeapple mealybug wilt-associated virus, Closterovirus
Piper yellow mottle virus
Badnavirus Piry virus, Rhabdoviridae
Pisum virus, Rhabdoviridae
Pittosporum vein yellowingvirus, Rhabdoviridae
Pixuna virus, Togaviridae
Plantago mottle virus, Tymovirus
Plantago severe mottle virus, Potexvirus
Plantago virus 4, Caulimovirus
Plantain mottle virus, Rhabdoviridae
Plantain virus 6, Tombusviridae
Plantain virus 7, Potyviridae
Plantain virus 8, Carlavirus
Plantain virus X, Potexvirus
Plathypena scabra GV, Baculoviridae
Plathypena scabra NPV, Baculoviridae
Platynota idaesalis NPV, Baculoviridae
Playas virus, Bunyaviridae
Pleioblastus mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Pleuronectid herpesvirus, Nerpesviridae
Plum pox virus, Potyviridae
Plusia argentifera NPV, Baculoviridae
Plusia balluca NPV, Baculoviridae
Plusia circumflexa GV, Baculoviridae
Plusia signata NPV, Baculoviridae
Plutella xylostella GV, Baculoviridae
Plutella xylostella NPV, Baculoviridae
Pneumonia virus of mice, Paramyxoviridae
Poa semilatent virus, Hordeivirus
poinsettia cryptic virus, Partitiviridae
Poinsettia mosaic virus, Tymovirus
Pokeweed mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Polygonia c-album NPV, Baculoviridae
Polygonia satyrus NPV, Baculoviridae
Pongine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Pongine herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Pongine herpesvirus 3, Herpesviridae
Pongola virus, Bunyaviridae
Ponteves virus, Bunyaviridae
Pontia daplidice GV, Baculoviridae
Poovoot virus, Reoviridae
Poplar mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Populus virus, Potyviridae
Porcine adenoviruses 1 to 6, Adenoviridae
Porcine astrovirus 1, Astroviridae
Porcine circovirus, Circoviridae
Porcine enteric calicivirus, Caliciviridae
Porcine enterovirus 1 to 11, Picornaviridae
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, Coronaviridae
Porcine hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus, Coronaviridae
Porcine parvovirus, Parvoviridae
Porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome, Arterivirus
Porcine rubulavirus, Paramyxoviridae
Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus, Coronaviridae
Porcine type C oncovirus, Retroviridae
Porpoise distemper virus, Paramyxoviridae
Porthesia scintillans NPV, Baculoviridae
Porton virus, Rhabdoviridae
Potato aucuba mosaic virus, Potexvirus
Potato black ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Potato leafroll virus, Luteovirus
Potato mop-top virus, Furovirus
Potato spindle tuber viroid, Viroids
Potato virusA, Potyviridae
Potato virus M, Carlavirus
Potato virus S, Carlavirus
Potato virus T, Trichovirus
Potato virus U, Comoviridae
Potato virus V, Potyviridae
Potato virus X, Potexvirus
potato virus Y, Potyviridae
Potato yellow dwarf virus, Rhabdoviridae
Potato yellow mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Potosi virus, Bunyaviridae
Powassan virus, Flaviviridae
Precarious Point virus, Bunyaviridae
Pretoria virus, Bunyaviridae
Primate calicivirus, Caliciviridae
Primula mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Primula mottle virus, Potyviridae
Pristophora erichsonii NPV, Baculoviridae
Pristophora geniculata NPV, Baculoviridae
Prodenia androgea GV, Baculoviridae
Prodenia litosia NPV, Baculoviridae
Prodenia praefica NPV, Baculoviridae
Prodenia terricola NPV, Baculoviridae
Prospect Hill virus, Bunyaviridae
Protapanteles paleacritae virus, Polydnaviridae
Protoboarmia porcelaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Prune dwarf virus, Bromoviridae
Prunus necrotic ringspot virus, Bromoviridae
Prunus virus S, Carlavirus
Pseudaletia convecta GV, Baculoviridae
Pseudaletia convecta NPV, Baculoviridae
Pseudaletia includens densovirus, Parvoviridae
Pseudaletia separata GV, Baculoviridae
Pseudaletia separata NPV, Baculoviridae
Pseudaletia unipuncta cypovirus 11, Reoviridae
Pseudaletia unipuncta GV, Baculoviridae
Pseuderanthemum yellow vein virus, Geminiviridae
Pseudocowpox virus, Poxviridae
Pseudolumpy skin disease virus, Herpesviridae
Pseudomonas phage 12S, Myoviridae
Pseudomonas phage 7s, Leviviridae
Pseudomonas phage D3, Siphoviridae
Pseudomonas phage f1, Myoviridae
Pseudomonas phage f6, Cystoviridae
Pseudomonas phage F116, Podoviridae
Pseudomonas phage fKZ, Myoviridae
Pseudomonas phage fW-14, Myoviridae
Pseudomonas phage gh-1, Podoviridae
Pseudomonas phage Kfl, Siphoviridae
Pseudomonas phage M6, Siphoviridae
Pseudomonas phage Pb1, Myoviridae
Pseudomonas phage Pfl, Inoviridae
Pseudomonas phage Pf2, Inoviridae
Pseudomonas phage Pf3, Inoviridae
Pseudomonas phage PP8, Myoviridae
Pseudomonas phag PRR1, Leviviridae
Pseudomonas phage PS17, Myoviridae
Pseudomonas phage PS4, Siphoviridae
Pseudomonas phage SDl, Siphoviridae
Pseudoplusia includens NPV, Baculoviridae
Pseudoplusia includens virus, Tetraviridae
Pseudorabies virus, Herpesviridae
Psilogramma menephron GV, Baculoviridae
Psittacid herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Psittacinepox virus, Poxviridae
Psophocarpus necrotic mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Psorophora confinnis NPV, Baculoviridae
Psorophora ferox NPV, Baculoviridae
Psorophora varipes NPV, Baculoviridae
Pterolocera amplicornis NPV, Baculoviridae
Ptycholomoides aeriferana NPV, Baculoviridae
Ptychopoda seriata NPV, Baculoviridae
Puchong virus, Rhabdoviridae
Pueblo Viejo virus, Bunyaviridae
Puffin lsland virus, Bunyaviridae
Punta Salinas virus, Bunyaviridae
Punta Toro virus, Bunyaviridae
Purus virus, Reoviridae
Puumala virus, Bunyaviridae
Pygaera anachoreta GV, Baculoviridae
Pygaera anastomosis GV, Baculoviridae
Pygaera anastomosis NPV, Baculoviridae
Pygaera hllgurita NPV, Baculoviridae
Pyrausta diniasalis NPV, Baculoviridae

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Qalyub virus, Bunyaviridae
Quail pea mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Quailpox virus, Poxviridae
Queensland fruitfly virus, Picornaviridae
Quokkapox virus, Poxviridae

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Rabbit coronavirus, Coronaviridae
Rabbit fibroma virus, Poxviridae
Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus, Caliciviridae
Rabbit kidney vacuolating virus, Papovaviridae
Rabbit oral papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Rabbitpox virus, Poxviridae
Rabies virus, Rhabdoviridae
Raccoon parvovirus, Parvoviridae
Raccoonpox virus, Poxviridae
Rachiplusia nu NPV, Baculoviridae
Rachiplusia ou MNPV, Baculoviridae
Radi virus, Rhabdoviridae
Radish mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Radish yellow edge virus, Partitiviridae
Rangifer tarandus herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Ranid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Ranid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Ranunculus mottle virus, Potyviridae
Ranunculus repens syrnptomless virus, Rhabdoviridae
Raphanus virus, Rhabdoviridae
Raspberry bushy dwarf virus, Idaeovirus
Raspberry leaf curl virus, Luteovirus
Raspberry ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Raspberry vein chlorosis virus, Rhabdoviridae
Rat coronavirus, Coronaviridae
Rat cytomegalovirus, Herpesviridae
Rat virus, R, Parvoviridae
Raza virus, Bunyaviridae
Razdan virus, Bunyaviridae
Red clover cryptic virus 2, Partitiviridae
Red clover mosaic virus, Rhabdoviridae
Red clover mottle virus, Comoviridae
Red clover necrotic mosaic virus, Dianthovirus
Red clover vein mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Red deer herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Red kangaroopox virus, Poxviridae
Red pepper cryptic virus 1, Partitiviridae
Red pepper cryptic virus 2, Partitiviridae
Reed Ranch virus, Rhabdoviridae
Reindeer herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Reindeer papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Rembrandt tulip breaking virus, Potyviridae
Reovirus 1, Reoviridae
Reovirus 2, Reoviridae
Reovirus 3, Reoviridae
Reptile calicivirus, Caliciviridae
Resistencia virus, Bunyaviridae
Restan virus, Bunyaviridae
Reticuloendotheliosis virus, Retroviridae
Rhesus HHV-4-like virus, Herpesviridae
Rhesus leukocyte associated herpesvirus strain 1, Herpesviridae
Rhesus monkey cytomegalovirus, Herpesviridae
Rhesus monkey papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Rheumaptera hastata GV, Baculoviridae
Rheumatoid arthritis virus, Parvoviridae
Rhizidiomyces virus, Rhizidiovirus
Rhizobium phage 2, Podoviridae
Rhizobium phage 16-2, Siphoviridae
Rhizobium phage 317, Siphoviridae
Rhizobium phage 5, Siphoviridae
Rhizobium phage 7-7-7, Siphoviridae
Rhizobium phage CM1, Myoviridae
Rhizobium phage CT4, Myoviridae
Rhizobium phage f2037/1, Siphoviridae
Rhizobium phage f2042, Podoviridae
Rhizobium phage fgal-1-R, Myoviridae
Rhizobium phage m, Myoviridae
Rhizobium phage NM1, Siphoviridae
Rhizobium phage NT2, Siphoviridae
Rhizobium phage WT1, Myoviridae
Rhizoctonia solani virus, Partitiviridae
Rhododendron necrotic ringspot virus, Potexvirus
Rhubarb temperate virus, Partitiviridae
Rhubarb virus 1, Potexvirus
Rhyacionia buoliana GV, Baculoviridae
Rhyacionia duplana GV, Baculoviridae
Rhyacionia duplana NPV, Baculoviridae
Rhyacionia frustrana GV, Baculoviridae
Rhynchosciara angelae NPV, Baculoviridae
Rhynchosciara hollaenderi NPV, Baculoviridae
Rhynchosciara milleri NPV, Baculoviridae
Rhynchosia mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Ribgrass mosaic virus, Tobamoviridae
Rice black streaked dwarf virus, Reoviridae
Rice dwarf virus, Reoviridae
Rice gall dwarf virus, Reoviridae
Rice grassy stunt virus, Tenuivirus
Rice hoja blanca virus, Tenuivirus
Rice necrosis mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Rice ragged stunt virus, Reoviridae
Rice stripe necrosis virus, Furovirus
Rice stripe virus, Tenuivirus
rice transitory yellowing virus, Rhabdoviridae
Rice tungro bacilliform virus, Badnavirus
Rice tungro spherical virus, Sequiviridae
Rice yellow mottle virus, Sobemovirus
Rift Valley fever virus, Bunyaviridae
Rinderpest virus, Paramyxoviridae
Rio Bravo virus, Flaviviridae
Rio Grande cichlid virus, Rhabdoviridae
Rio Grande virus, Bunyaviridae
RML 105355 virus, Bunyaviridae
Robinia mosaic virus, Bromoviridae
Rochambeau virus, Rhabdoviridae
Rocio virus, Flaviviridae
Rondiotia menciana NPV, Baculoviridae
Ross River virus, Togaviridae
Rost Islands virus, Reoviridae
Rotifer birnavirus, Birnaviridae
Rous sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Royal farm virus, Flaviuiridae
RT parvovirus, Parvoviridae
Rubella virus, Togaviridae
Rubus Chinese seed-borne virus, Comoviridae
Russian spring sununer encephalitis virus, Flaviviridae
Ryegrass cryptic virus, Partitiviridae
Ryegrass mosaic virus, Potyviridae

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S6-14-03 virus, Reoviridae
SA 15 virus, Herpesviridae
SA6 virus, Herpesviridae
SA8 virus, Herpesviridae
Sabio virus, Arenaviridae
Sabo virus, Bunyaviridae
Saboya virus, Flaviviridae
Sabulodes caberata GV, Baculoviridae
Sacbrood virus, Picornaviridae
Saccharomyces cerevisiae virus L-A, Totiviridae
Saccharomyces cerevisiae virus La, Totiviridae
Saccharomyces cerevisiae virus LBC, Totiviridae
Sagiyama virus, Togaviridae
Saguaro cactus virus, Tombusviridae
Saimiriine herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Saimiriine herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Sainpaulia leaf necrosis virus, Rhabdoviridae
SaintAbb's Head virus, Reoviridae
Saint-Floris virus, Bunyaviridae
Sakhalin virus, Bunyaviridae
Sal Vieja virus, Flaviviridae
Salanga virus, Bunyaviridae
Salangapox virus, Poxviridae
Salehabad virus, Bunyaviridae
Salmonid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Salmonid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Salmonis virus, Rhabdoviridae
Sambucus vein clearing virus, Rhabdoviridae
Samia cynthia NPV, Baculoviridae
Samia pryeri NPV, Baculoviridae
Samia ricini NPV, Baculoviridae
Sammons' Opuntia virus, Tobamoviridae
SanAngelo virus, Bunyaviridae
San Juan virus, Bunyaviridae
San Miguel sealion virus, Caliciviridae
San Perlita virus, Flaviviridae
Sand rat nuclear inclusion agents, Herpesviridae
Sandfly fever Naples virus, Bunyaviridae
Sandfly fever Sicilian virus, Bunyaviridae
Sandjimba virus, Rhabdoviridae
Sango virus, Bunyaviridae
Santa Rosa virus, Bunyaviridae
Santarem virus, Bunyaviridae
Santosai temperate virus, Partitiviridae
Sapphire II virus, Bunyaviridae
Saraca virus, Reoviridae
Sarracenia purpurea virus, Rhabdoviridae
Sathuperi virus, Bunyaviridae
Satsuma dwarf virus, Comoviridae
Saturnia pavonia virus, Tetraviridae
Saturnia pyri NPV, Baculoviridae
Saumarez Reef virus, Flaviviridae
Sawgrass virus, Rhabdoviridae
Sceliodes cordalis NPV, Baculoviridae
Schefflera ringspot virus
Badnavirus Schistocerca gregaria entomopoxvirus, Poxviridae
Sciaphila duplex GV, Baculoviridae
Scirpophaga incertulas NPV, Baculoviridae
Sciurid herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Sciurid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Scoliopteryx libatFix NPV, Baculoviridae
Scopelodes contracta NPV, Baculoviridae
Scopelodes venosa NPV, Baculoviridae
Scopula subpunctaria NPV, Baculoviridae
Scotogramma trifolii GV, Baculoviridae
Scotogramma trifolu NPV, Baculoviridae
Scrophularia mottle virus, Tymovirus
Sealpox virus, Poxviridae
Selenephera lunigera NPV, Baculoviridae
Selepa celtis GV, Baculoviridae
Seletar virus, Reoviridae
Selidosema suavis NPV, Baculoviridae
Semidonta biloba NPV, Baculoviridae
Semiothisa sexmaculata GV, Baculoviridae
Semliki Forest virus, Togaviridae
Sena Madureira virus, Rhabdoviridae
Sendai virus, Paramyxoviridae
Seoul Virus, Bunyaviridae
Sepik virus, Flaviviridae
Serra do Navio virus, Bunyaviridae
Serrano golden mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Sesame yellow mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Sesamia calamistis NPV, Baculoviridae
Sesamia cretica GV, Baculoviridae
Sesamia inferens NPV, Baculoviridae
Sesamia nonagrioides GV, Baculoviridae
Setora nitens virus, Tetraviridae
Shallot latent virus, Carlavirus
Shamonda virus, Bunyaviridae
Shark River virus, Bunyaviridae
Sheep associated malignant catarrhal fever of, Herpesviridae
Sheep papillomavirus, Papovaviridae
Sheep pulmonary adenomatosis associated herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Sheeppox virus, Poxviridae
Shiant Islands virus, Reoviridae
Shokwe virus, Bunyaviridae
Shope fibroma virus, Poxviridae
Shuni virus, Bunyaviridae
Siamese cobra herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Sibine fusca densovirus, Parvoviridae
Sida golden mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Sida yellow vein virus, Geminiviridae
Sigma virus, Rhabdoviridae
Sikte water-borne virus, Tombusviridae
Silverwater virus, Bunyaviridae
Simbu virus, Bunyaviridae
Simian adenoviruses 1 to 27, Adenoviridae
Simian agent virus 12, Papovaviridae
Simian enterovirus 1 to 18, Picornaviridae
Simian foamy virus, Retroviridae
Simian hemorrhagic fever virus, Arterivirus
Simian hepatitis A virus, Picornaviridae
Simian immunodeficiency virus, Retroviridae
Simian parainfluenza virus 10, Paramyxoviridae
Simian parainfluenza virus 41, Paramyxoviridae
Simian parainfluenza virus 5, Paramyxoviridae
Simian rotavirus SA11, Reoviridae
Simian sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Simian T-lymphotropic virus, Retroviridae
Simian type D virus 1, Retroviridae
Simian vancella herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Simian virus 40, Papovaviridae
Simulium vittatum densovirus, Parvoviridae
Sindbis virus, Togaviridae
Sint1em's onion latent virus, Carlavirus
Sixgun city virus, Reoviridae
Skunkpox virus, Poxviridae
Smelt reovirus, Reoviridae
Smerinthus ocellata NPV, Baculoviridae
Smithiantha virus, Potexvirus
Snakehead rhabdovirus, Rhabdoviridae
Snowshoe hare virus, Bunyaviridae
Snyder-Theilen feline sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Sofyn virus, Flaviviridae
Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus, Furovirus
Sokoluk virus, Flaviviridae
Solanum apical leaf curl virus, Geminiviridae
Solanum nodiflorum mottle virus, Sobemovirus
Solanum nodiflorum mottle virus satellite, Satellites
Solanurn yellows virus, Luteovirus
Soldado virus, Bunyaviridae
Somerville virus 4, Reoviridae
Sonchus mottle virus, Caulimovirus
Sonchus virus, Rhabdoviridae
Sonchus yellow net virus, Rhabdoviridae
Sorghum chlorotic spot virus, Furovirus
Sorghum mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Sorghum virus, Rhabdoviridae
Sororoca virus, Bunyaviridae
Soursop yellow blotch virus, Rhabdoviridae
SouthAfrican passiflora virus, Potyviridae
South River virus, Bunyaviridae
Southern bean mosaic virus, Sobemovirus
Southern potato latent virus, Carlavirus
Sowbane mosaic virus, Sobemovirus
Sowthistle yellow vein virus, Rhabdoviridae
Soybean chlorotic mottle virus, Caulimovirus
Soybean crinkle leaf virus, Geminiviridae
Soybean dwarf virus, Luteovirus
Soybean mosaic virus, Potyviridae
SPAr-2317 virus, Bunyaviridae
Sparganothis pettitana NPV, Baculoviridae
Sparrowpox virus, Poxviridae
Spartina mottle virus, Potyviridae
Spectacled caimanpox virus, Poxviridae
SPH 114202 virus, Arenaviridae
Sphenicid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Sphinx ligustri NPV, Baculoviridae
Spider monkey herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Spilarctia subcarnea NPV, Baculoviridae
Spilonota ocellana NPV, Baculoviridae
Spilosoma lubricipeda NPV, Baculoviridae
Spinach latent virus, Bromoviridae
Spinach temperate virus, Partitiviridae
Spiroplasma phage 1, Inoviridae
Spiroplasma phage 4, Microviridae
Spiroplasma phage aa, Inoviridae
Spiroplasma phage C1 /TS2, Inoviridae
Spodoptera exempta cypovirus 11, Reoviridae
Spodoptera exempta cypovirus 12, Reoviridae
Spodoptera exemptacypovirus 3, Reoviridae
Spodoptera exempta cypovirus 5, Reoviridae
Spodoptera exempta cypovirus 8, Reoviridae
Spodoptera exempta NPV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera exigua cypovirus 11, Reoviridae
Spodoptera exigua GV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera exigua MNPV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera exigua NPV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera frugiperda GV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera frugiperda MNPV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera frugiperda NPV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera latifascia NPV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera littoralis, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera littoralis NPV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera litura GV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera litura NPV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera mauritia NPV, Baculoviridae
Spodoptera ornithogalli NPV, Baculoviridae
Spondweni virus, Flaviviridae
Spring beauty latent virus, Bromoviridae
Spring viremia of carp virus, Rhabdoviridae
Squash leaf curl virus, Geminiviridae
Squash mosaic virus, Comoviridae
Squirrel fibroma virus, Poxviridae
Squirrel monkey herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Squirrel monkey retrovirus, Retroviridae
SR-11 virus, Bunyaviridae
Sri Lankan passionfruit mottle virus, Potyviridae
Sripur virus, Rhabdoviridae
StAbbs Head virus, Bunyaviridae
St. Louis encephalitis virus, Flaviviridae
Staphylococcus phage 107, Siphoviridae
Staphylococcus phage 187, Siphoviridae
Staphylococcus phage 2848A, Siphoviridae
Staphylococcus phage 3A, Siphoviridae
Staphylococcus phage 44A HJD, Podoviridae
Staphylococcus phage 77, Siphoviridae
Staphylococcus phage B11-M15, Siphoviridae
Staphylococcus phage Twort, Myoviridae
Starlingpox virus, Poxviridae
Statice virus Y, P, Potyviridae
Stratford virus, Flaviviridae
Strawberry crinkle virus, Rhabdoviridae
Strawberry latent ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Strawberry latent ringspot virus satellite, Satellites
Strawberry mild yellow edge virus, Luteovirus
Strawberry mild yellow edge-associated virus, Potexvirus
Strawberry pseudo mild yellow edge virus, Carlavirus
Strawberry vein banding virus, Caulimovirus
Streptococcus phage 182, Podoviridae
Streptococcus phage 2BV, Podoviridae
Streptococcus phage A25, Siphoviridae
Streptococcus phage 24, Siphoviridae
Streptococcus phage PE1, Siphoviridae
Streptococcus phage VD13, Siphoviridae
Streptococcus phage fD8, Siphoviridae
Streptococcus phage CP-1, Podoviridae
Streptococcus phage Cvir, Podoviridae
Streptococcus phage H39, Podoviridae
Strigid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Striped bass reovirus. , Reoviridae
Striped Jack nervous necrosis virus, Nodaviridae
Stump-tailed macaque virus, Papovaviridae
Subterranean clover mottle virus, Sobemovirus
Subterranean clover mottle virus satellite, Satellites
Subterranean clover red leaf virus, Luteovirus
Subterranean clover stunt virus, Circoviridae
Sugarcane bacilliform virus, Badnavirus
Sugarcane mild mosaic virus, Closterovirus
Sugarcane mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Sugarcane streak virus, Geminiviridae
Suid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Suid herpesvirus 2, Herpesviridae
Sulfolobus virus 1, Fuselloviridae
Sunday Canyon virus, Bunyaviridae
Sunflower crinkle virus, Umbravirus
Sunflower mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Sunflower rugose mosaic virus, Umbravirus
Sunflower yellow blotch virus, Umbravirus
Sunflower yellow ringspot virus, Umbravirus
Sun-hemp mosaic virus, Tobamoviridae
Sweet clover necrotic mosaic virus, Dianthovirus
Sweet potato A virus, Potyviridae
Sweet potato chlorotic leafspot virus, Potyviridae
Sweet potato feathery mottle virus, Potyviridae
Sweet potato internal cork virus, Potyviridae
Sweet potato latent virus, Potyviridae
Sweet potato mild mottle virus, Potyviridae
Sweet potato russet crack virus, Potyviridae
Sweet potato vein mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Sweet potato yellow dwarf virus, Potyviridae
Sweetwater Branch virus, Rhabdoviridae
Swine cytomegalovirus, Herpesviridae
Swine infertility and respiratory syndrome virus, Arterivirus
Swinepox virus, Poxviridae
Sword bean distortion mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Synaxis jubararia NPV, Baculoviridae
Synaxis pallulata NPV, Baculoviridae
Synetaeris tenuifemur virus, Polydnaviridae
Syngrapha selecta NPV, Baculoviridae

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Tacaiuma virus, Bunyaviridae
Tacaribe virus, Arenaviridae
Tadpole edema virus LT 1-4, Iridoviridae
Taggert virus, Bunyaviridae
Tahyna virus, Bunyaviridae
Tai virus, Bunyaviridae
Taiassui virus, Bunyaviridae
Tamana bat virus, Flaviviridae
Tamarillo mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Tamdy virus, Bunyaviridae
Tamiami virus, Arenaviridae
Tanapox virus, Poxviridae
Tanga virus, Bunyaviridae
Tanjong Rabok virus, Bunyaviridae
Taro bacilliform virus
Badnavirus Tataguine virus, Bunyaviridae
Taterapox virus, Poxviridae
Teasel mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Tehran virus, Bunyaviridae
Telfairia mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Telok Forest virus, Bunyaviridae
Tembe virus, Reoviridae
Tembusu virus, Flaviviridae
Tench reovirus, Reoviridae
Tensaw virus, Bunyaviridae
Tephrosia symptomless virus, Tombusviridae
Termeil virus, Bunyaviridae
Tete virus, Bunyaviridae
Tetralopha scortealis NPV, Baculoviridae
Tetropium cinnamoptemm NPV, Baculoviridae
Texas pepper virus, Geminiviridae
Thailand virus, Bunyaviridae
Thaumetopoea pityocampa GV, Baculoviridae
Thaumetopoea pityocampa NPV, Baculoviridae
Thaumetopoea processionea NPV, Baculoviridae
Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virus, Picornaviridae
Theophila mandarina NPV, Baculoviridae
Theretra japonica NPV, Baculoviridae
Thermoproteus virus 1, Lipothrixviridae
Thermoproteus virus 2, Lipothrixviridae
Thermoproteus virus 3, Lipothrixviridae
Thermoproteus virus 4, Lipothrixviridae
Thiafora virus, Bunyaviridae
Thimiri virus, Bunyaviridae
Thistle mottle virus, Caulimovirus
Thogoto virus, Orthomyxoviridae
Thormodseyjarklettur virus, Reoviridae
Thosea asigna virus, Tetraviridae
Thosea baibarana NPV, Baculoviridae
Thosea sinensis GV, Baculoviridae
Thottapalayam virus, Bunyaviridae
Thylidolpteryx ephemeraeformis NPV, Baculoviridae
Thymelicus lineola NPV, Baculoviridae
Tibrogargan virus, Rhabdoviridae
Ticera castanea NPV, Baculoviridae
Tick-borne encephalitis virus, Flaviviridae
Tillamook virus, Bunyaviridae
Tilligerry virus, Reoviridae
Timbo virus, Rhabdoviridae
Tilmboteua virus, Bunyaviridae
Tilmaroo virus, Bunyaviridae
Tindholmur virus, Reoviridae
Tinea pellionella NPV, Baculoviridae
Tineola hisselliella NPV, Baculoviridae
Tinpula paludosa NPV, Baculoviridae
Tinracola plagiata NPV, Baculoviridae
Tlacotalpan virus, Bunyaviridae
Tobacco bushy top virus, Umbravirus
Tobacco etch virus, Potyviridae
Tobacco leaf curl virus, Geminiviridae
Tobacco mild green mosaic virus, Tobamoviridae
Tobacco mosaic virus, Tobamoviridae
Tobacco mosaic virus satellite, Satellites
Tobacco mottle virus, Umbravirus
Tobacco necrosis virus, Necrovirus
Tobacco necrosis virus satellite, Satellites
Tobacco necrosis virus small satellite, Satellites
Tobacco necrotic dwarf virus, Luteovirus
Tobacco rattle virus, Tobravirus
Tobacco ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Tobacco ringspot virus satellite, Satellites
Tobacco streak virus, Bromoviridae
Tobacco stunt virus, Unassigned
Tobacco vein banding mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Tobacco vein distorting virus, Luteovirus
Tobacco vein mottling virus, Potyviridae
Tobacco wilt virus, Potyviridae
Tobacco yellow dwarf virus, Geminiviridae
Tobacco yellow net virus, Luteovirus
Tobacco yellow vein assistor virus, Luteovirus
Tobacco yellow vein virus, Umbravirus
Tomato apical stunt viroid, Viroids
Tomato aspermy virus, Bromoviridae
Tomato black ring virus, Comoviridae
Tomato black ring virus satellite, Satellites
Tomato bunchy top viroid, Viroids
Tomato bushy stunt virus, Tombusviridae
Tomato bushy stunt virus satellite, Satellites
Tomato golden mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Tomato leaf crumple virus, Geminiviridae
Tomato leaf curl virus -Au, Geminiviridae
Tomato leaf curl virus-In, Geminiviridae
Tomato leafroll virus, Geminiviridae
Tomato mosaic virus, Tobamoviridae
Tomato mottle virus, Geminiviridae
Tomato pale chlorosis virus, Carlavirus
Tomato planta macho viroid, Viroids
Tomato pseudo-curly top virus, Geminiviridae
Tomato ringspot virus, Comoviridae
Tomato spotted wilt virus, Bunyaviridae
Tomato top necrosis virus, Comoviridae
Tomato vein yellowing virus, Rhabdoviridae
Tomato yellow dwarf virus, Geminiviridae
Tomato yellow leaf curl virus-Is, Geminiviridae
Tomato yellow leaf curl virus-Sr, Geminiviridae
Tomato yellow leaf curl virus-Th, Geminiviridae
Tomato yellow leaf curl virus-Ye, Geminiviridae
Tomato yellow mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Tomato yellow top virus, Luteovirus
Tongan vanilla virus, Potyviridae
Tortrix loeflingiana NPV, Baculoviridae
Tortrix viridana NPV, Baculoviridae
Toscana virus, Bunyaviridae
Toxorhynchites brevipalpis NPV, Baculoviridae
Trabala vishnou NPV, Baculoviridae
Tradescantia/Zebrina virus, Potyviridae
Trager duck spleen necrosis virus, Retroviridae
Tranosema sp. virus, Polydnaviridae
Tree shrew adenovirus 1, Adenoviridae
Tree shrew herpesvims, Herpesviridae
Triatoma virus, Picornaviridae
Tribec virus, Reoviridae
Trichiocampus irregularis NPV, Baculoviridae
Trichiocampus viminalis NPV, Baculoviridae
Trichomonas vaginalis virus, Totiviridae
Trichoplusia ni cypovirus 5, Reoviridae
Trichoplusia ni granulovirus, Baculoviridae
Trichoplusia ni MNPV, Baculoviridae
Trichoplusia ni Single SNPV, Baculoviridae
Trichoplusia ni virus, Tetraviridae
Trichosanthes mottle virus, Potyviridae
Triticum aestivum chlorotic spot virus, Rhabdoviridae
Trivittatus virus, Bunyaviridae
Trombetas virus, Bunyaviridae
Tropaeolum virus 1, Potyviridae
Tropaeolum virus 2, Potyviridae
Trubanarnan virus, Bunyaviridae
Tsuruse virus, Bunyaviridae
Tucunduba virus, Bunyaviridae
Tulare apple mosaic virus, Bromoviridae
Tulip band breaking virus, Potyviridae
Tulip breaking virus, Potyviridae
Tulip chlorotic blotch virus, Potyviridae
Tulip top breaking virus, Potyviridae
Tulip virus X, Potexvirus
Tumor virus X, Parvoviridae
Tupaia virus, Rhabdoviridae
Tupaiid herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Turbot herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Turbot reovirus, Reoviridae
Turkey adenoviruses 1 to 3, Adenoviridae
Turkey coronavirus, Coronaviridae
Turkey herpesvirus 1, Herpesviridae
Turkey rhinotracheitis virus, Paramyxoviridae
Turkeypox virus, Poxviridae
Turlock virus, Bunyaviridae
Turnip crinkle virus, Tombusviridae
Turnip crinkle virus satellite, Satellites
Turnip mild yellows virus, Luteovirus
Turnip mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Turnip rosette virus, Sobemovirus
Turnip yellow mosaic virus, Tymovirus
Turuna virus, Bunyaviridae
Tyuleniy virus, Flaviviridae

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Uasin Gishu disease virus, Poxviridae
Uganda S virus, Flaviviridae
Ugymyia sericariae NPV, Baculoviridae
Ulcerative disease rhabdovirus, Rhabdoviridae
Ullucus mild mottle virus, Tobamoviridae
Ullucus mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Ullucus virus C, Comoviridae
Umatilla virus, Reoviridae
Umbre virus, Bunyaviridae
Una virus, Togaviridae
Upolu virus, Bunyaviridae
UR2 sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Uranotaenia sapphirina NPV, Baculoviridae
Urbanus proteus NPV, Baculoviridae
Urucuri virus, Bunyaviridae
Ustilago maydis virus 1, Totiviridae
Ustilago maydis virus 4, Totiviridae
Ustilago maydis virus 6, Totviridae
Usutu virus, Flaviviridae
Utinga virus, Bunyaviridae
Utive virus, Bunyaviridae
Uukuniemi virus, Bunyaviridae

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Vaccinia subspecies, Poxviridae
Vaccinia virus, Poxviridae
Vaeroy virus, Reoviridae
Vallota mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Vanessa atalanta NPV, Baculoviridae
Vanessa cardui NPV, Baculoviridae
Vanessa prorsa NPV, Baculoviridae
Vanilla mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Vanilla necrosis virus, Potyviridae
Varicella-zoster virus 1, Herpesviridae
Variola virus, Poxviridae
Vellore virus, Reoviridae
Velvet tobacco mottle virus, Sobemovirus
Velvet tobacco mottle virus satellite, Satellites
Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus, Togaviridae
Vesicular exanthema of swine virus, Caliciviridae
Vesicular stomatitisAlagoas virus, Rkabdoviridae
Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus, Rhabdoviridae
Vesicular stomatitis New Jersey virus, Rhabdoviridae
Vibrio phage 06N-22P, Myoviridae
Vibrio phage 06N-58P, Corticoviridae
Vibrio phage 4996, Podoviridae
Vibrio phage a3a, Siphoviridae
Vibrio phage I, Podoviridae
Vibrio phage II, Myoviridae
Vibrio phage m, Podoviridae
Vibrio phage IV, Siphoviridae
Vibrio phage kappa, Myoviridae
Vibrio phage nt-1, Myoviridae
Vibrio phage OXN-52P, Siphoviridae
Vibrio phage OXN-lOOP, Podoviridae
Vibrio phage v6, Inoviridae
Vibrio phage Vfl2, Inoviridae
Vibrio phage Vf33, Inoviridae
Vibrio phage VP1, Myoviridae
Vibrio phage VP11, Siphoviridae
Vibrio phage VP3, Siphoviridae
Vibrio phage VP5, Siphoviridae
Vibrio phage X29, Myoviridae
Vicia cryptic virus, Partitiviridae
Vigna sinensis mosaic virus, Rkabdoviridae
Vilyuisk virus, Picornaviridae
Vinces virus, Bunyaviridae
Viola mottle virus, Potexvirus
Viper retrovirus, Retroviridae
Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus, Rhabdoviridae
Virgin River virus, Bunyaviridae
Virus III, Herpesviridae
Visna/maedi virus, Retroviridae
Voandzeia mosaic virus, Carlavirus
Voandzeia necrotic mosaic virus, Tymovirus
Volepoxvirus, Poxviridae

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Wad Medani virus, Reoviridae
Wallal virus, Reoviridae
Walleye epidermal hyperplasia, Herpesviridae
Walrus calicivirus, Caliciviridae
Wanowrie virus, Bunyaviridae
Warrego virus, Reoviridae
Watermelon chlorotic stunt virus, Geminiviridae
Watermelon curly mottle virus, Geminiviridae
Waterrnelon mosaic virus 1, Potyviridae
Watermelon mosaic virus 2, Potyviridae
Weddel water-borne virus, Tombusviridae
Weldona virus, Bunyaviridae
Wesselsbron virus, Flaviviridae
West Nile virus, Flaviviridae
Western equine encephalitis virus, Togaviridae
Wexford virus, Reoviridae
Whataroa virus, Togaviridae
Wheat American striate mosaic virus, Rhabdoviridae
Wheat chlorotic streak virus, Rhabdoviridae
Wheat dwarf virus, Geminiviridae
Wheat rosette stunt virus, Rhabdoviridae
Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Wheat streak mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Wheat yellow leaf virus, Closterovirus
Wheat yellow mosaic virus, Potyviridae
White bryony mosaic virus, Carlavirus
White bryony virus, Potyviridae
White clover cryptic virus 1, Partitiviridae
White clover cryptic virus 2, Partitiviridae
White clover cryptic virus 3, Partitiviridae
White clover mosaic virus, Potexvirus
White lupinrnosaic virus, Potyviridae
Wild cucumber mosaic virus, Tymovirus
Wild potato mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Wildbeest herpesvirus, Herpesviridae
Wineberry latent virus, Potexvirus
Winter wheat mosaic virus, Tenuivirus
Winter wheat Russian mosaic virus, Rhabdoviridae
Wiseana cervinata GV, Baculoviridae
Wiseana cervinata NPV, Baculoviridae
Wiseana signata NPV, Baculoviridae
Wiseana umbraculata GV, Baculoviridae
Wiseana umbraculata NPV, Baculoviridae
Wissadula mosaic virus, Geminiviridae
Wisteria vein mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Witwatersrand virus, Bunyaviridae
Wongal virus, Bunyaviridae
Wongorr virus, Reoviridae
Woodchuck hepatitis B virus, Hepadnaviridae
Woodchuck herpesvirus marmota 1, Herpesviridae
Woolly monkey sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Wound tumor virus, Reoviridae
WVU virus 2937, Reoviridae
WW virus 71 to 212, Reoviridae
Wyeomyia smithii NPV, Baculoviridae
Wyeomyia virus, Bunyaviridae

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Xanthomonas phage Cf, Inoviridae
Xanthomonas phage Cflt, Inoviridae
Xanthomonas phage RR66, Podoviridae
Xanthomonas phage Xf, Inoviridae
Xanthomonas phage Xf2, Inoviridae
Xanthomonas phage XP5, Myoviridae
Xenopus virus T21, Iridoviridae
Xiburema virus, Rhabdoviridae
Xingu virus, Bunyaviridae
Xylena curvimacula NPV, Baculoviridae

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Y73 sarcoma virus, Retroviridae
Yaba monkey tumor virus, Poxviridae
Yaba-1 virus, Bunyaviridae
Yaba-7 virus, Bunyaviridae
Yacaaba virus, Bunyaviridae
Yam mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Yaounde virus, Flaviviridae
Yaquina Head virus, Reoviridae
Yata virus, Rhabdoviridae
Yellow fever virus, Flaviviridae
Yogue virus, Bunyaviridae
Yokapox virus, Poxviridae
Yokase virus, Flaviviridae
Yponomeuta cognatella NPV, Baculoviridae
Yponomeuta evonymella NPV, Baculoviridae
Yponomeuta malinellus NPV, Baculoviridae
Yponomeuta padella NPV, Baculoviridae
Yucca baciliform virus, Badnavirus
Yug Bogdanovac virus, Rhabdoviridae

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Zaliv Terpeniya virus, Bunyaviridae
Zea mays virus, Rhabdoviridae
Zegla virus, Bunyaviridae
Zeiraphera diniana GV, Baculoviridae
Zeiraphera diniana NPV, Baculoviridae
Zeiraphera pseudotsugana NPV, Baculoviridae
Zika virus, Flaviviridae
Zirqa virus, Bunyaviridae
Zoysia mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Zucchini yellow fleck virus, Potyviridae
Zucchini yellow mosaic virus, Potyviridae
Zygocactus virus, Potexvirus

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