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Some notes on the Electron Micrographs:

All images remain the property of their original providers. These providers can be identified by clicking on the image in question, and viewing the linked web page. Some of the larger collections of viral micrographs are listed below.

Some of the electron micrographs appearing on this page are kindly provided by Prof. Stewart McNulty of the Department of Veterinary Sciences at The Queen's University of Belfast.

©Copyright 1994 Veterinary Sciences Division

Copyright notice: This notice must accompany any copy of the images. The images must not be used for commercial purpose without the consent of the copyright owners. The images are not in the public domain. The images can be freely used for educational purposes.

Technical Note: The images were scanned from photographic prints (10"x8") at a resolution of 72dpi (256 levels) greyscale. A standard magnification of 250,000x was used in each case. A scale bar is included with each image, to avoid confusion due to screen size.

Some notes about the ICTVdB - Universal Virus Database:

The International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses has established the Universal Virus Database at Australian National University.

Authors: C. BŸchen-Osmond and M. J. Dallwitz

The Wadsworth Center of the New York State Department of Health combines basic and applied research and education in biomedical and environmental sciences with a public health mission of clinical and environmental testing and quality assurance. Located in Albany, New York, it is the most comprehensive public health laboratory in the nation. It also contains Through the Microscope: An Internet Gallery of Health Science Images with numerous viral electron micrographs.

The Graphics Gallery from Genentech's Access Excellence Biotech Information Site includes some viral images among other images of interest.

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