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Online Tutorials

Click on the links below to get to the following interactive online tutorials:

  • How Now Mad Cow
    How much do you really know about BSE? Can you get brain disease from eating beef? Decide for yourself...

    "A particularly lucid account of the current BSE controversy" University of Liverpool School of Biological Sciences.

  • A dose of the pox...

    "An interactive tutorial that steps you through the discovery and ultimate eradication of smallpox using a series of questions. At each step, information and images are provided to help broaden ones appreciation of this scientific feat! A great teaching tool...and a lot of fun, too." Access Excellence.

  • The Panama Puzzle
    Be present as history is made!

    "It's June 25th, 1900. Walter Reed needs your help to put an end to "yellow jack," a disease causing his men to drop like flies." Yahoo

  • Complement
    Test your knowledge of the workings of the complement system with this interactive quiz.

  • Virus Replication

    "Ever wondered what it would be like to be polio virus or an HIV virus? This interactive tutorial lets you 'transform' yourself into a virus and then asks you to answer how you would behave under certain biological conditions. If you make a mistake, don't worry... lots of background information and pictures are available to help. A great learning tool!" Access Excellence.

  • Cells of the Blood
    Just by clicking on a cell, you can learn what it is and what it does!

    If you have any problems or suggestions concerning these tutorials, please contact their author:

    Dr Alan Cann (E-mail: nna@le).

    Please contact Dr Cann by E-mail if you experience any problems with these online documents (e.g. broken links, etc.).

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