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Video Library

This is a growing collection of Microbiology teaching videos in QuickTime format. The original site is in the UK at the University of Leicester, and are used here with the generous permission of Dr. Alan Cann. If you have material you would like to contribute to this archive, please read this.

Note: If you are on a slow link to this server, think hard before clicking on these links - you could be waiting a long time for the files to download.

To view these videos, you will need a suitable player. The Cross-Platform Page has information about a variety of players, platforms and media types. Additionally, there are several plugins available for Netscape users that can play these videos within your browser.

Virology Videos

Immunology Videos

Microbiology Videos

Microbiology Laboratory Procedures Videos

Aseptic Technique (6.8Mb) Excerpts:

Microscopy (7.9Mb) Excerpts:

The complete video "Microbiology Laboratory Procedures" is aimed at students being exposed to practical aspects of microbiology for the first time. It covers the following aspects:

  • Basic microbiology laboratory safety
  • Aseptic technique
  • Using a compound binocular microscope

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