Wierd Science on the WWW


The contents of the links on this page have been proven in Garry Lab
Tests to cause brain damage. View these sites at your own risk!

These sites are listed without any implied endorsement! We list them both as a service, and a reminder to the well adjusted about the presence of the other "side".

All of these sites were submitted to our virology page as potential additions. Needless to say, our site seeks to uphold the highest scientific standards, and these sites simply don't make the cut. We present them here and solicit any comments you might have about them. Should we as scientists do something about these seemingly endless and possibly fraudulent claims that are being presented to the public as a product of real science, or should we just accept it as a continuation of our patent medicine history?

For a great commentary on Alternative Medicine, read a recent Editorial Opinion in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Can you top these links for Weird Science Sites? Send me your suggestions.

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