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The Church of Virus Page
Virus is a "rational, atheistic religion memetically engineered to fill an ecological niche in the idea-space of humanity created by recent advances in knowledge."

"COLLOIDAL SILVER & ALOE VERA NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS. Ancient Greece, China, India and countries all over the world knew the medicinal value of silver. For many centuries royalty ate and drank from silver utensils. They were called Blue Bloods because their blood contained greater levels of silver. As a result they maintained an exceptional state of health. Colloidal Silver has been used to treat hundreds of diseases. Medical Researchers turned to man-made drugs during the depression due to the cost and availability of silver. "
Good thing I had that spoon!

"Mother Nature's Doctor Quality Antibiotics. Natural Defense Against Diseases, Viruses, Bacteria,I nfections, Germs, Fungus, Parasites, Colds, and Flu. Researched, Used For: Immune System, HIV/AIDS, Allergies, Arthritis, Burns, Cancer, Constipation, Diabetes, Fibrositis, Hay Fever, Hemorrhoids, Ulcers, Candidiasis, Pneumonia, Prostate Infections, Sexual Diseases, Strep,Strap, Tonsillitis, Ulcers, Vaginitis, Yeast Infections, Shingles and More. Those interested in Wholistic, Health, Homeopathic, Naturopathic, Herbology, Medicine, Physicians, Chiropractors, Veterinarians, Vitamins, Heart, Lungs, Nutrition, Fitness,..."

Germ Warfare - Hall of Shame
"A history of military involvement in medical experiments on unwitting human subjects and the synthetic origins of the AIDS virus." And if that wasn't enough, there's more!

  • THE MUKDEN FILES: POWs claim germ warfare coverup by U.S.

    Brought to you by the San Jose Mercury News. Hmmmm....... Where have I heard of that newspaper before? Oh, Yeah! They think the CIA started America's drug problem in an attempt to injure the african-american community in south Los Angeles......right?

  • The Germ Warfare Timeline - WWII

Was There an AIDS Contract?
Even more conspiracy theories about the synthetic/military origins of the AIDS virus: "I heard about Jakob Segal's theory that the AIDS virus originated in a US government biological warfare research laboratory in early 1989. After some preliminary research, I was amazed to find that this shocking theory had received no attention whatsoever in the mainstream American press, and almost none in Europe. The questions this theory raised were a matter of pure science......".

Yeah, that's the ticket!

Global Vaccine Awareness League
"GVAL is a non-profit organization committed to the education of parents and concerned citizens regarding the potential risks and serious side-effects of vaccines." Though this site might be well intentioned, its science is lacking and its message somewhat misleading. For example: "Many physicians have refused to administer smallpox vaccinations for quite some time, knowing that the vaccine caused more death than the disease. Now it has been 'routinely' dropped from the vaccination program". The authors don't seem to know that smallpox has been eradicated through use of the vaccine, and therefore it's no longer needed.
Cancer-AIDS Cure
"Why is there a need for cures? Because somewhere down the line a law of nature was broken and there is a penalty involved. If you break the laws of the land, you pay a penalty whether it be a fine or a fine and jail time. Which ever way you look at it, you must pay! Mother nature is the same. You disgrace her and break her rules, you will pay in the form of a disease. Fortunately, she does provide a way for you to redeem yourself and return to optimal health. You have to find that way! Your whole success depends on what is between your ears. If you have a will to get better, you can. If you give up, nothing or no one can help you. Between your ears lies the answer to how your body will respond to any treatment. Traditional medicine, for example, depends on surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. These methods have been around for over 50 years and the success rate is horribly low. Their approach to your problem is chasing after the symptoms. A tumor is a symptom, and cutting it out doesn’t remove the cause. A pain here or there is a symptom and cutting it out doesn’t remove the cause. You cannot make any progress just following symptoms.....My approach involves the use of ozone, hydrogen peroxide, electro therapy against parasites, colonic irrigations, various herbs beneficial to the body’s recovery system and a coordinated system of immune builders capable of cell to cell metabolism. If the cells can communicate with each other, they can help each other and the end results is optimal health....." (Brought to my attention by Brad Floyd. Thanks Brad!)
"In April of 1995, the unthinkable happened. The Cure for the Common cold was finally patented (U. S. Patent Number 5,409,905). How did such an astonishing patent come about? First there was 17 years of exhausting research into one of nature's best kept secrets -- the effect of zinc ions (Zn2+) on common colds. Even though clinical research data showed that zinc ions shortened colds by 5 and 7 days in two independent, peer reviewed clinical trials."
Acupuncture and Homeostasis of Body adaptive Systems
"A sorted Bibliography of Abstracts on the topic of Acupuncture in immunomediated diseases, including those of interest to virologists and oncologists. Lectures on Veterinary Acupuncture are on Site".

#911 Herpes Cured Fast!

"You can heal your breakouts once and for all! Plus free membership into the largest buyers club where you can save hundreds of $$$ purchasing natural health care products!".


"A study of Epidemiology and Chaos Theory". You figure it out.

Fighting the Common Cold

"For information about using specific natural products as safe and effective cold remedies which have all the ingredients listed on this page as well as information about a reliable factory-direct source for obtaining them".

Another alternative medicine site selling unsubstantiated products.

Blue Mountain Botanicals

"We have made significant breakthroughs in the area of virus bearing diseases. After fourteen years of intensive study and investigation, we have designed a program that shows promising results and warrants further research."

"The next area of focus is concerns parasites and viruses because they seem to have a symbiotic relationship.Ê For example, scientists have found that the malaria virus is spread by a parasite living in the stomach of the mosquito. This parasite and its virus are transferred to the human as the mosquito is withdrawing blood. This parasite and virus scenario seems to apply to other viruses as well. It is therefore necessary to use an herbal cleanser to eradicate parasites or worms, from the body."

This is an invitation we can do without!

Essential Oils - The Missing Link

"Essential Oils create an environment in which disease, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live". The missing what?

A Guarantee: Best Price & Quality on Melatonin & DHEA

"Melatonin is a hormone for insomnia, jet lag, shift work & sleep. DHEA is a hormone used against aging, cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart & cardiovascular disease, MS, Alzheimer, CFS, arthritis, lupus & AIDS."

"ANTIVIROL is a product of the new science of Energy Medicine which includes Homeopathy, Radionics, Subtle Energy, Vibrational Medicine and Quantum Healing. A good definition of Energy Medicine was given by the great British Radionics practitioner David Tansley DC, RIP(1988):
'Energy Medicine as in Homeopathic, Radionic, Acupuncture and Ayurvedic Medicine uses electric, magnetic, mechanical, sonic, light and subtle vibrations. Complex information is carried and stored in the memory of water molecules or crystals to act upon the vital electromagnetic fields of the body'."
Energy Medicine? Try finding that in the Medical Literature!

And Finally, the Reigning and Undisputed Champion of Weird Virology, the winner of the Top Nut Award....

MRX Technology
"A technology with applications in medicine, defense, the environment, desalination, remote sensing, computing, and on-site radioactive remediation. MRX provides the ability to degrade any targeted molecular structure, remotely, by way of an absorption technique. Targets include the AIDS virus (HIV), heart disease, and numerous forms of cancer."

OK, that's interesting, but what is MRX again?

"One may describe MRX as a magic bullet composed solely of energy, whose application is molecular marksmanship. What one has here is a powerful tool for analysis, diagnosis, and mitigation. Dealing selectively on an intracoporeal or extracoporeal level, biomedical technology finally has the ability to specifically identify, quantify, and treat various diseases. Since MRX operates on a fundamentally molecular level, many varieties of disease and/or infection fall within the scope of its function.

In order to understand how MRX operates one must proceed through a thorough study of quantum physics. However, by analogy and example herein contained, certain elucidation as to the functioning and concept may be realized Furthermore, effort, application, exploitation, technological spinoffs, and industrial economic ramifications will be examined in due course.

The initial step in explaining any innovative technology is to lay a firm foundation in established, precise, and accepted science. Once this foundation is firmly established, all departures and expansions on the base technology need to follow prudent syllogisms without indulging in abstract nomenclature or idiomatic representations. However, in order to present the ideas and concepts of the indepth science encompassed by MRX without the obfuscating nomenclature, certain liberties need to be taken."

No kidding.

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