The Big Picture Book of Viruses: Parvoviridae

Taxonomy: Taxonomic structure of the family.

Host: Virus infects invertebrates and vertebrates.

Genome: DNA. Single stranded. Linear; genomic nucleic acid negative sense, or negative sense and positive sense. Genome monopartite. Total genome 5000 nucleotides long. Genome sequence has terminal repeated sequences; repeated at one end, or repeated at both ends. 5'-terminal sequence with inverted repeat of the 3'-terminus, or palindromic repeats forming a hairpin structure (if distinct from 3'-terminal sequence). Terminal repeats at the 5'-end 120-300 nucleotides long (and longer). Nucleotide sequences of 3'-terminus complementary to similar regions on the 5' end, or unrelated to 5'-terminus; conserved nucleotide sequences; the same in species of same genus. 3'-terminal sequence has palindromic arrangement (interrupted by two smaller internal palindromic sequences), or palindromic repeats folding into a T- or Y-shaped structure. Terminal repeats at the 3'-end 120-300 nucleotides long (and longer). Genome divided among more than one type of particle (in some cases); that is 2 different types (one containing the minus strand and the other the plus strand in up to 50% of the population). Function of Helper and Satellite Viruses. Virions associated with helper virus, but independent from its functions during replication, or associated with helper virus and dependent on its functions during replication.

Morphology: Virions not enveloped. Capsids isometric. Nucleocapsids sometimes penetrated by stain. Nucleocapsids 18-22 nm in diameter, or 20-26 nm in diameter. Symmetry icosahedral. Nucleocapsids appear to be round. 60 capsomers per nucleocapsid (each a quadrilateral 'kite-shaped' wedge). Surface projections of nucleocapsid small (surface appears rough) and distinct; spikes. Virions only of one kind, or may occur together with a dependent virus.

(Note: for more information about the taxonomy and structure of this virus, see the ICTV database below.)

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Parvoviridae Images:
Genus EM Images Example Virus Name Description of Image

Sub-Family Parvovirinae

Minute mice virus
Canine Parvovirus Surface topography of the virus from the Institute for Molecular Virology - Wisconsin.
Canine Parvovirus Molecular surface, radially depth cued, as solved by X-ray crystallography from the Institute for Molecular Virology - Wisconsin.
animal parvovirus From Stewart McNulty at Veterinary Sciences, Queen's University, Belfast.
parvovirus an example virus image from the ICTV
B19 virus A negatively stained preparation of parvovirus as seen by transmission electron microscopy. The individual virions have a diameter of only 22nm. From the Wadsworth Center of the New York State Department of Health.
Adeno-associated virus 1 From Stewart McNulty at Veterinary Sciences, Queen's University, Belfast.

Sub-Family Densovirinae

Junonia coenia densovirus
Bombyx mori virus
Aedes aegypti densovirus

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