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Alternative Views of AIDS

    The science involved in the following sites would not be considered "mainstream" and would not be accepted by most clinicians or researchers in the field of AIDS/HIV. Indeed, some of them may contain information or advice that could be very detrimental to your health. You should view them with extreme caution. However, in the interest of fairness and academic freedom, they are listed on All the Virology on the WWW under this special section. Any comments about their placement or contents should be directed to me.

  • The Rethinking AIDS Websites - one of the best arranged and most comprehensive doubters' website.
  • Peter Duesberg's Homepage - "Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Misled?" A well known scientist and one of the original AIDS=HIV doubters expresses his views on the net.
  • The Alternative Medicine Homepage
  • AIDS & Programmed Activation of T-Lymphocytes - An approach to HIV eradication published in 1991.
  • The AIDS Heresies A Case Study in Skepticism Taken Too Far by Steven B. Harris, M.D. of the Skeptics Society.
  • An Acupuncture Page. There is a lot of information, however it is VERY SLOW to load due to the number and size of graphics. This is not strictly an HIV/AIDS-Acupuncture page.
  • A Different Point of View. - The Alternative News Center - featuring: Health, Wealth and Happiness.
  • Kombucha Information.
  • Life Extension Foundation - dedicated to the pursuit of a longer, healthier lifespan.
  • New AIDS theory: vulnerability to reduced DHEA- DHEA is low in HIV+ and lower in AIDS (JAMA 1989, 261: 1149). DHEA is known to be higher in AIDS nonprogressors (J. Infec. Diseases 1992, 165: 413). DHEA inhibits replication of AZT-resistant and wild-type HIV-1 (Biochem. Biophysi. Re. Comm. 1994, 201: 1424. "DHEA protects mice against West Nile virus, Sindbis virus neurovirulent, and Semliki Forest virus lethal injection.K" (Archives of Virology 1991, 120: 263) This site contains a theory developed and copyrighted in 1985 which demonstrates that low production, or antagonism, of the adrenal hormone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), increases vulnerability to the HIV and AIDS, as well as other bacterial and viral infections.
  • Oxygen and Ozone Web Site. The site is dedicated to the advancement of Oxygen Therapies. Oxygen Therapies include the use of Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2O2), Ozone Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen, and Ionization. You will find a large selection of files on all the Oxygen Therapies.
  • A Short Introduction to Smart Drugs - A page on alternative medications..interesting reading.
  • Keep Hope Alive - Keep Hope Alive is a comprehensive source of alternative treatment information on nutritional, bio-oxidative and alternative therapies for the immune compromised.

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