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Corporations with Job Listings

Consulting Companies

Biological and Medical Sciences

  • Academic Physician and Scientist has a site listing : Administrative Positions, Basic Science Positions, Clinical Science Positions, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Opportunities, and NIH Opportunities
  • Biology Jobs - is a targeted employment resource for those with backgrounds and training in the Life Sciences.
  • The BIOCareer Center -- The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), the primary lobbying organization representing the world's Biotechnology Industry, in conjunction with SciWeb, The Life Science Home Page, are providing this resource site for professionals at all levels looking for Career Information and Resources.
  • Aquatic Science Jobs -- by American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
  • Bio Online's Career Center
  • BioNet. -- a listing of positions many of which are for post-docs.
  • Biological Research Network International
  • BioView - is a comprehensive biotechnology employment site with thousands of job listings in all disciplines, including research, development, regulatory affairs, clinical research, quality assurance/quality control, validation, and manufacturing/production. The site also contains a resume database where candidates can place their resumes for review by industry professionals, as well as career resources and links, company information and industry news.
  • Employment Links for the Biomedical Scientist - This set of links is being compiled by a fellow scientist to assist colleagues in the biomedical and other sciences.
  • GenomeJobs - listings of jobs in Genomics, BioInformatics, Biotech, Computers, Computational chemistry and similar fields. They also have links to hundreds of companies as well as other resources for the job hunter.
  • Biospace - includes industry links, biotechnology related links, and job listings that are updated every Friday, including listings by region and category.
  • Biotechnology Industry Organization - includes a Job Center with listing from many biotech companies.
  • Employment Services for Biomedical Scientists - another list of services available on the web.
  • Entomology Jobs Compiled at Colorado State includes graduate assistantships, faculty appointments and research positions.
  • Environmental Careers Organization -- Good career training opportunities.
  • The Franklin Search Group is a recruiting agency for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical industries.
  • The HUM-MOLGEN site lists research and clinical positions in biology and medicine.
  • MedZilla - A great place to find jobs in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Science, Medicine, and Healthcare. Exclusively for outstanding candidates and professionals. Online since 1994, MedZilla established the new chemistry of matching the right job with the right candidate.
  • National Institutes of Health Job announcements and resumes on-line.
  • International Pharmajobs is a virtual job market for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This website offers jobseekers the opportunity to view job openings around the world, as well as add their resume to our client database free of charge.
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (by gopher)
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Job Listings) -- High level positions only.
  • The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Biosciences for another list of career resources.
  • Your Career In The Sciences -- 170+ pages of career articles, text and graphics, regarding the career as a microbiologist, virologist, etc. Focuses primarily on the industrial biotechnology career.

Health Care

  • BioMedNet Job Exchange
  • Medemploy Classifieds & Recruitment - Healthcare classified and recruitment site. Jobseekers can contact employers directly and employers can post their jobs!
  • Med Search
  • The Residency Page - medical residencies available
  • Division of Experimental Medicine -- housed at McGill, this site offers listings of key Chair, Associate Professor, Post-Doctoral and other Ph.D.-required job listings. They carry jobs for Canada and the USA and are in the process of adding links to the United Kingdom.
  • Medical and Scientific Employment - A Great Job Source for Professionals in Medicine and Science Sponsored by The Franklin Search Group, Inc. This resource is great for both employer and candidate, with the ability to post resumes and advetisements.
  • Pam Pohly's Net Guide: a page specifically for health care job hunters.
  • Medical/Health Care Job Openings -- Not extensive, but includes listings from hospitals and medical centers nationwide (primarily in the Midwest), maintained by NationJob
  • MedSearch America -- Health Care Employment -- hundreds of current listings nationwide, including many entry level positions. Very well organized.
  • Physicians Employment -- Job openings for physicians in all specialties (select the Submit button leaving fields blank if you prefer not to register your name)
  • Mayo Clinic Online Career Center -- Current opportunities in clinical, research and education programs at sites in Jacksonville, Florida; Rochester, Minnesota; and Scottsdale, Arizona. (Updated every 2 weeks. Coming attractions include: CURRENT career opportunities, ONGOING career opportunities, Frequently asked questions regarding employment at Mayo, Mayo job posting resources, Diversity and mutual respect at Mayo, Career tips and techniques.
  • NIH (National Institute of Health) Senior Job Opportunities -- This site advertises senior job opportunities in science, medicine and research administration at the National Institutes of Health.
  • PharmInfoNet - Includes jobs from 50 states.
  • International Pharmajobs lists open positions in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as post doc positions. Most of the openings are in Europe right now, but they are expanding into the U.S.
  • Sci-Web: The Web Site for Life Science Professionals - Commercial, Post Doctoral, Faculty, Academic Technician positions are listed.


Other Scientific Instruments

Grants and Fellowships

Professional Societies

Positions advertized in Journals / Magazines

Recruiting agencies and Job Banks

  • Bio Online Career Center
  • Career Mosiac
  • Career Web
  • Dan Murray
  • Espan
  • FutureAccess
  • - provides one of the largest, high-traffic sources of employment information on the Internet for job seekers, employers and recruiters. The site currently has over 200,000 job listings that are never more than 30 days old, with salary values ranging from entry level to over $500,000, and over 200,000 current resumes. Always free for job seekers, is the most current database of active job listings and quality candidates across all professional categories.
  • Jackley Search Consultants
  • JobCenter
  • NationJob Network - One of the most successful on-line recruitment ventures, NationJob Network provides cost effective solutions to employers and job seekers can learn about job openings and information about companies for free.
  • Online Career Center
  • Phil Ellis Associates
  • Setren, Smallberg and Associates - Executive search firm retained mainly by biopharmceutical companies. Looking for a VP of Research, etc.
  • Symbios,Inc. - Connecting the Research World - Very extensive free searchable databases covering the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Instrumentation Industries. Ability to Post
    your Resume for Employers to review.
  • Tech Web
  • Van Horn, Taylor & Associates is a contingency search firm serving the biotechnology/biomedical industries. Established in 1985, we specialize in the location of Directors of R/D, Research Managers and Senior Scientists in Molecular Biology, Virology, Cellular Biology, and Biochemistry in Diagnostics, Immunology, Gene Therapy and Pharmaceuticals. Email:

General Job Databases with Technical or Scientific Positions

Other Meta-lists of Job Hunting Resources

Other Job Hunting Resources

  • Abbott, Langer & Associates, Inc. - Salary and Benefits Survey Reports in independent laboratory, testing and inspection firms
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics for national occupational employment and wage estimates.
  • The Career Planning Center (CPC) for Beginning Scientists and Engineers is the "one-stop shopping" location for job openings and the guidance and information needed to make decisions about education and career choices. (Sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institutes of Medicine, and National Research Council)

Usenet News Resources

There are already at least four newsgroups dealing with post-doctoral opportunities. Both or these newsgroups deal with all areas of natural science, not only with biology related jobs. For more information about newgroups, please see our newsgroup page, or our special BIONET newsgroup table.

Bionet Newsgroups, which focus on biology related issues:

  • BIOSCI/bionet Newsgroups - Employment

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