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Plant Virus Servers/Information:


  • DLO Research Institute for Plant Protection, The Netherlands. The DLO Research Institute for Plant Protection (IPO-DLO) is involved in crop protection research in relation to agriculture and horticulture, natural vegetation and public parks. The institute does strategic research to promote economical and socially acceptable ways of protecting plants against diseases and pests. Its research programme includes molecular, cellular, individual, population and systems research, to obtain more insight into the existence, identification and control of plant pathogens and pests. The institute is also involved with problems in developing countries, by means of research, courses, workshops, guest-workers and in an advisory capacity. There is a Department of Virology web page available.

  • Virology Department at The Scottish Crop Research Institute, Invergowrie, Dundee, Scotland.

  • Dept. of Virology, The Volcani Center - Applied plant virology. The institute researches viral diseases of stone fruits, citrus, vegetables and ornamentals. Current research includes diagnosis, epidemiology, insect vector-relations and treatment measures for control of vector-borne diseases. The lab focuses on molecular and conventional approaches to plant virology.

  • Istituto di Fitovirologia Applicata - Institute of Applied Plant Virology of the National Research Council of Italy. Activities and facilities, including library, are described.

  • Institute for Plant Diseases and Plant Protection (IPP) - Germany

Academic Departments

Plant Virus Labs

  • Arthropod-Borne Animal Diseases Research Laboratory: The web site was created to inform the public about the USDA/ARS lab. It contains information on Bluetongue and EHDV diseases, along with information about how to contact their scientists.

  • Dept. of Plant Virology in the Volcani Center, Bet Dagan. Research with basic and applicative aspects of virology.

  • The Miller Lab at the Iowa State University performs luteovirus research.

  • World of Chlorella Viruses - This is the Web site for the Jim Van Etten lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It contains a brief history of the chlorella viruses (family Phycodnaviridae, genus Chlorovirus), a gallery of images of the virus, a list of all the publications (that we know of) about chlorella viruses, and links to other sites dealing with chlorella viruses.

  • Plant Virology Lab, Plant Pest Diagnostics Center, CDFA (URL) Plant Virology Lab - General news of plant viruses in California with downloadable images and link to "Index of Plant Virus, Viroid, and Phytoplasma Diseases in California", a searchable database.

General Information

  • Plant Viruses Online - Descriptions and Lists from the VIDE Database including a complete list of plant viruses, plant virus acronyms, and viral plant hosts.

  • Xiong's Virology Page - Molecular biology of several small RNA and DNA viruses and their interaction with plants are being investigated in the Xiong laboratory. These projects include characterization of viral genomes, replication and recombination of RNA viruses, and virus-plant interactions in resistance and resistance-breaking. Detailed descriptions of the molecular virology research in the Department of Plant Pathology of the College of Agriculture at the University of Arizona are also available.

  • Plant Pathology and Plant Virus Archive at Rothamsted Experimental Station. Now includes:

  • Virus Diseases in Plants byThorben Lundsgaard includes symptoms of plant virus diseases, and the Danish names of plant virus diseases,

  • Plant Virus Gene Bank : Collections of plant virus cDNA clones. Deposits and distribution are done worldwide as well as Korea; with diagnostic primers and other services. Official Bank of Korean Society of Plant Pathology and Plant Virus Research Group in Korea

  • Molecular Plant Pathology On-line (MPPOL) is fully peer reviewed on-line journal run by the British Society for Plant Pathology.

  • Plant Viruses Online: This is an enhanced html version of the VIDE database of plant viruses as published by CABI in 1996 Brunt, Crabtree, Dallwitz, Gibbs and Watson "Viruses of Plants" CABI - descriptions of c.920 virus species and 55 generic summaries for up to 500 or so characters. A mirror siteis also available.

  • Viruses of Plants in Australia - Features Distribution, Host Range, Agricultural Importance and Control of Plant Viruses in Australia.

  • University of Cape Town- Plant Virology Site: Ed Rybicki maintains a (mirrored) potyvirus sequence database and a geminivirus sequence as well as other databases.

  • USDA: Virus Resistant Plants which will be commercialized shortly. The USDA permit the field testing of genetically engineered plants and microorganisms. A lot of these field tests are with plants engineered with viral genes which confer virus resistance.

  • PEST CABWeb from CAB INTERNATIONAL. Covering entomology, nematology, weed science, biological control and plant pathology, with a unique combination of scientific expertise, authoritative information resources, pest management projects, training and biosystematics.

  • National Research Support Project 5 (NRSP-5) - this research and service project in tree fruit virology develops and distributes deciduous fruit tree clones that are free from detectable graft-transmissible pathogens such as viruses, viroids, and phytoplasma. Elite clones are produced through a combination of heat therapy and micropropagation.

  • Agdia has information on plant viruses and Agdia's plant virus tests. Features instructions and a FAQ for Agdia's new QTA-Tospo test kit for tomato spotted wilt virus and impatiens necrotic spot virus, along with a searchable product catalog. Updated at least weekly.

Specific Plant Viruses


  • Bymovirus home page - General Description, Electron Micrographs, Genome Maps, Known sequences, Selected References. From the Plant Pathology Home Page of the Institute of Arable Crops Research (IACR) -- one of eight Institutes sponsored by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UK). The mission of IACR is to be a leading provider of high quality scientific research relevant to plant-based agriculture with the objective of achieving improvements in rural and agricultural economies that are financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.


  • The GeminiNet. A Geminiviridae and Potyviridae site by Dr. Claude Fauquet at The Danforth Center, that also offers a variety of resources including, discussion lists, geminiviruses taxonomy, nomenclature, phylogenies, genome organization, sequences and more from the Danforth Center in St. Louis.Geminiviridae


  • World of Chlorella Viruses - This is the Web site for the Jim Van Etten lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It contains a brief history of the chlorella viruses (family Phycodnaviridae, genus Chlorovirus), a gallery of images of the virus, a list of all the publications (that we know of) about chlorella viruses, and links to other sites dealing with chlorella viruses.


  • Tobamoviruses : An overview of tobamoviral genome structure with links to phylogenetic trees of tobamoviruses (like tobacco mosaic virus) and amino acid sequence alignments.

  • TMV testing products from Agdia

  • University of Florida site with information about TMV from a grower's point of view.

  • Molecular information on TMV from the Melcher Lab at Oklahoma State.

  • Images of TMV infection from the Agdia Slide Show Collection

  • An Essay on the History of Virology (TMV focus) from The American Phytopathological Society.


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