Postdoctoral Research Associate
Kristine Wylie, Washington University Med. School
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Post Date: Sep 04, 2017
Job Type: Full time
Degree Requirement: Ph.D.
Years Experience: Entry Level
Location: US - Missouri - St. Louis
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The Wylie lab at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis studies host-microbiome interactions. The current focus of our work is studying these dynamics during pregnancy, with the goals of improving understanding of infectious diseases during pregnancy and identifying biomarkers associated with preterm birth. We use microbial genomics, molecular biology, virology, cell culture, and mouse models to understand the dynamic relationships between microbes and host. These studies will lead to better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of clinical conditions in pregnant women and babies. In addition to our studies of pregnancy, we work on many other projects with investigators at Washington University School of Medicine and at other institutions, which offers an excellent opportunity to develop genomics skills and collaborative relationships.

Essential Functions:

Trains under the supervision of a faculty mentor including (but not limited to):

1.        Manages their own project, which should lead to a first author publication
2.        Develops proficiency in virology/microbiology and microbial genomics
3.        Develops proficiency in their ancillary skills, e.g. writing, public speaking, networking, critical evaluation of scientific documents, etc.
4.        Presents scientific work both inside and outside the University
5.        Assists with grant preparation and reporting.
6.        Prepares and submits papers on research.
7.        Assists in the design of research experiments.
8.        Evaluates research findings and assists in the reporting of the results.
9.        Conscientious discharge of his/her research responsibilities.
10.        Maintains conformity with ethical standards in research.
11.        Maintains compliance with good laboratory practice including the maintenance of adequate research records
12.        Engages in open and timely discussion with his/her mentor regarding possession or distribution of material, reagents, or records belonging to their laboratory and any proposed disclosure of findings or techniques privately or in publications.
13.        Collegial conduct towards co-trainees, staff members and members of the research group.
14.        Adherence to all applicable University policies, procedures and regulations. All data, research records and materials and other intellectual property generated in University laboratories remain the property of the University.

Demonstrated ability to implement laboratory procedures, conduct research and record findings. Prior experience with one or more of the following preferred: microbiology, virology, cell culture, animal models, or genomics.

University's Postdoctoral Appointee Information:

Please send a CV, research statement, and contact information for 3 references to