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The University of Chicago
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Post Date: Dec 21, 2017
Job Type: Full time
Degree Requirement: Ph.D.
Years Experience: Entry Level
Start Date: Immediately
Salary: NIH postdoctoral stipend level
Location: US - Illinois - Chicago
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We are looking for a highly motivated virologist with good academic/research background in cell/molecular biology and innate immunity. Potential projects are to investigate novel antiviral mechanisms of interferon-gamma and interferon-inducible GTPases against viral replication complexes. Please refer to the following papers for the potential projects:

Viral replication complexes are targeted by LC3-guided interferon-inducible GTPases
Biering SB*, Choi J*, Halstrom RA, Brown HM, Beatty WL, Lee S, McCune BT, Dominici E, Williams LE, Orchard RC, Wilen CB, Yamamoto M, Coers J, Taylor GA, Hwang S. 
2017. Cell Host & Microbe Jul 12;22(1):74-85.e7 (* equal contribution) DOI: 10.1016/j.chom.2017.06.005

The Parasitophorous Vacuole Membrane of Toxoplasma gondii is Targeted for Disruption by Ubiquitin-like Conjugation Systems of Autophagy
Choi J, Park S, Biering SB, Selleck E, Liu CY, Zhang X, Fujita N, Saitoh T, Akira S, Yoshimori T, Sibley LD, Hwang S*, Virgin HW*. 
2014. Immunity 40(6):924-35. (* co-corresponding) DOI: 10.1016/j.immuni.2014.05.006

Non-degradative Role of Atg5-Atg12/Atg16L1 Autophagy Protein Complex in Antiviral Activity of Interferon gamma
Hwang S*, Maloney NS*, Bruinsma MW, Goel G, Duan E, Zhang L, Shrestha B, Diamond MS, Dani A, Sosnovtsev SV, Green KY, Lopez-Otin C, Xavier RJ, Thackray LB+, and Virgin HW+. 
2012. Cell Host & Microbe 11:397-409. (* equal contribution; + co-corresponding) DOI: 10.1016/j.chom.2012.03.002

Interested and qualified candidate, please send a cover letter describing your research interest, up-to-date curriculum vitae including the list of publications, and contact information for three references to shwang at

Contact Details
Name: Sam Hwang
City: Chicago
State/Province: Illinois
Country: United States