postdoctoral fellow in norovirus research
University of Michigan
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Post Date: Sep 14, 2017
Job Type: Full time
Degree Requirement: Ph.D.
Years Experience: Entry Level
Start Date: immediately
Salary: NIH scale
Location: US - Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI
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The Wobus laboratory is interested in mechanisms of norovirus – host interactions both in vitro and in vivo. Historically, we have used murine norovirus (MNV) as a model to study norovirus biology because it was the only norovirus that replicated in cell culture. Combined with the availability of a small animal model and reverse genetics system for MNV, we took and are taking advantage of the great tractability of this model. Recently, with our development of the first small animal model for human norovirus (HuNoV) (Taube et al. mBIO 2013) and the adaptation of two distinct HuNoV cell culture systems (Jones et al. Science 2014; Ettayebi et al. Science 2016) in the laboratory, studies have expanded to include human noroviruses (HuNoV). We are performing comparative studies between MNV and HuNoV to better understand similarities and differences between these closely related viruses. Available projects in the lab include 1) investigation of HuNoV – host interactions in human intestinal organoids in the presence and absence of immune cells and the microbiota, and 2) elucidation of the metabolic landscape of norovirus target cells that promote or inhibit infection. Our long-term goal is to identify new drug targets and conserved featured important during norovirus infection that may lead to the development of effective prevention and control strategies for human noroviruses, the major cause on non-bacterial gastroenteritis worldwide.

Please see the lab website for additional information:

Experience in molecular virology, host-pathogen interactions, and/or organoid cultures is desired.
Applicants must have strong communication skills and are expected to apply for fellowships once in the lab.

Applicants should have a PhD in biology or related fields. Due to a funding requirement, applicants must be US citizens or residents.

Please send CV and cover letter describing how your experience would fit into the lab and benefit the projects listed to:

Contact Details
Name: cwobus
Department: Microbiology and Immunology
Address: 1150 W Medical Center Dr, 5622
City: Ann Arbor
State/Province: Michigan
Zipcode: 48109
Country: United States
Ph: 7346479599
FAX: 7346479599