Serology Medical Lab Technologist

North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health
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Post Date: Jan 31, 2018
Job Type: Full time
Degree Requirement: Bachelors
Years Experience: Entry Level
Salary: $36,761 to $42,126
Location: US - North Carolina - Raleigh
Job Reference: 18-00186
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This position serves as a technologist in a clinical laboratory that performs routine and reference testing of serum and other bodily fluids for the detection of antibodies and antigens to various infectious diseases. Evaluation of specimens for these infectious agents involves the utilization of a variety of highly technical automated and semi-automated procedures with strict demands for quality assurance.   

The incumbent in this position will:

Perform exceptionally sophisticated, complex laboratory procedures for the detection of various infectious diseases, including HIV, rubella, and various hepatitis viruses. Procedures include a variety of highly technical automated, semi-automated and manual procedures. Types of tests performed include enzyme immunoassay (EIA) and chemiluminescent immunoassays (CMIA).
Share responsibility with coworkers for quality assurance and management of the EIA/CMIA methodologies for detection of HIV, rubella, and hepatitis.
Interpret data and report test results and interpretations accurately and in a timely manner.
Participate in external proficiency programs such as the College of American Pathologists as well as employee competency assessment as mandated by CLIA 1988 through observation or review of work, assessment of problem-solving skills, or internal/external test challenge.
Participate in continuing education, laboratory committees, inventory control, and other duties as deemed necessary by management.

The successful candidate for this position must meet the CLIA '88 requirements for testing personnel in a high complexity laboratory. Candidates must attach a copy of their transcripts to the application or provide an unofficial copy of their transcripts at the time of the interview.
Basic theoretical knowledge of the pathogenesis of the organism in question and how the medical laboratory science is applied
Awareness of the hazards of working with potentially infectious materials and the appropriate precautions to take to avoid infection
Experience in technical and theoretical background to troubleshoot test procedures and interpret laboratory results
Must be skilled in performing microbiological, virological, and serological procedures.

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