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It’s summer time again. The prickling heat of the harsh sun can be eerie for many people. In cold countries, summer time is a blissful season while near the tropics it is ruthless time of the year. The temperatures can soar up to 50 degrees in many places during the summer season. With increase in the temperature, our body can fall prey to such seasonal transitions. But there follow these few tips given below to stay healthy & fit during warmest period of the year.

Increase the consumption of water
This is the foremost thing that you can do without any hassles. Not just summers, it is recommended to get your fluids in the body to keep yourself hydrated. In summers, the body loses liquids much faster and dehydration symptoms occur very quickly. Make a note to drink one glass of water every hour, even if you do not feel thirsty. According to medical science, we feel thirsty only when our body is 50% dehydrated. Thus, drink water more than often. It is the best available liquid & never compromise on it.

Thus, consumption of water is a priority in staying fit & healthy during summer season.

Cut the heavy intensity exercises
It’s very good if you hit hard at the gym, but when mercury is rising in the atmosphere, cut down high-intensity work outs. Many of the body builders go into hibernation period when summer is at its zenith. Heavy exercises increase amount of the heat in the body which may not be a very good idea in already heated thermosphere. It can lead to fever, nausea, headaches etc.

Thus, keep doing moderate exercises (which does not include heavy sweating) is recommended.

Eat body-cooling foodstuffs
You may have come across the term ‘eating right’ many times. It becomes more so important during summer season. Many foodstuffs have heating and cooling properties. Include those foodstuffs that are known as body-coolants. Do not eat fried and junk food.

Eat lots of fresh fruits like banana, water-melon (it’s very good in summers), papaya etc. that have coolant properties. Avoid high-calorie foodstuffs like spices, condiments and such types.

Cut down on drinks
Tone down the frequency of alcohol as it can be very odious during sunny season. Also cut down on aerated drinks for that matter. The popular beverages like tea & coffee should also be limited in the hot weather.

Instead, one can have vigorous drinks like refreshing coconut water or ice-cold buttermilk that are not only healthy, but complements the canicular season too.

Bathe everyday with cold water
There are many benefits of bathing with cold water. It makes our body strong enough to resist the summer heat, being one of the reasons. Cold shower is generally more recommended during summertime as it helps body to stay active, lively and fresh.

Wear loose cotton clothing
What we wear also reflects on our health. Avoid woolen wardrobe during summers, as it would increase the body temperature adding to the outside impulsive mercury.

Follow these basic tips and enjoy your summers to the fullest.