University of Minnesota Center for Drug Design
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The Center for Drug Design (CDD) is a distinctive, cutting edge research facility in the Academic Health Center of the University of Minnesota (UMN). We are dedicated to:
•        Providing a research environment for leading scientists
•        Sharing unique strategies within the scientific community
•        Developing novel drug therapies
•        Vigorously pursuing an academic research agenda
•        Transferring scientific knowledge
•        Designing and developing new medicines to benefit people worldwide
•        Supporting the interaction of many disciplines and areas of study creating a focal point for research

The CDD houses 9 PIs each with a different primary focus but all within the general areas of drug discovery and development. There is strong leadership in antiviral research.

In addition, the Institute for Molecular Virology (IMV) here at the UMN is a tremendous asset. The IMV sponsors high quality external seminars, research in progress seminars, a yearly symposium and a general forum for discussion of techniques and ideas with virologists across the UMN campuses.