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Since the creation of UM 134 PIMIT (Director : Patrick Mavingui), the I2T (for Immunopathology of Infectious Diseases in Tropics) team (head Philippe Desprès) has setting up research programs that are mainly dedicated to mosquito-borne RNA viruses (arboviruses). They have ambition for improving the knowledge on viral and host factors that contribute to the pathogenicity of medically important arboviruses. The I2T investigators have basic research interests on molecular mechanisms of virus virulence, host cell responses to virus infection, and strategies by which arboviruses manipulate the host factors to their own advantage. They apply the knowledge gained from their work to propose more sensitive and specific molecular tools in arbovirus detection as well as candidate vaccines and antiviral molecules to prevent and combat virus infection. Successful collaborations have been established with research groups within France, Europe, Brazil and USA and their themes are supported by European H2020 (ZIKAlliance) and FEDER Région Réunion 2015-20 (ZIKAlert) programs as well as R&D partnerships with SMEs.